New feature on 2014 Tecsun PL-660

Tecsun-PL660Many thanks to my buddy, David Korchin (K2WNW), who noticed that Anon-Co is selling a new 2014 production run of the Tecsun PL-660, which includes an Auto Sorting Memory feature.

AMBWbuttonPL660Anon-Co states that Auto Sorting Memory organizes all stored station memories automatically, removes duplicate stations and “sorts the sequence of stored stations.”

The new feature is enabled via the AM BW button.

Click here to view the new 2014 Tecsun PL-660 at Anon-Co.

UPDATE: Tom Stiles noted that his PL-660, purchased in September 2013, has this feature as well.  I just confirmed my PL-660 (purchased around the same time and pictured above) has it too.

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5 thoughts on “New feature on 2014 Tecsun PL-660

  1. Fran

    About that Auto sort feature, I just purchased a PL660. This feature is not mentioned in the owners manual. I hit it by accident and now it seem all my presets are in ascending order. Can this feature be turned off or only used for 1 band or another? I entered my FM presets, i.e. with my favorites first, not necessarily in frequency order and I prefer my order. Also not having a seek/scan feature that does not auto store is a flaw. You can’t scan the Air band for example.

  2. james patterson

    Does it just store the strongest stations that it receives?There are alot of other “burps” and noises,that are on all bands.Im a SSB DXer,listening in to all the english speaking utility coms.So in my case,I would enter frequencies in manualy.But yes Ive read alot about the Tecsun PL660,and hopefully Im getting closer to buying a new one.I already own the Sony SW 55 and SW 7600G aswell as the National Panasonic DR 49.The DR 49 is about 40 years old.Yet this one works like new,and is just as sensitive as my ICOM 725 transceiver,plus the two Sonys. The DR 49 was the main receiver used in the Pacific islands back in the 60s and 70s by thoses wanting to listen in to the BBC or Voice of America.It was a General coverage receiver considered well ahead of it’s time!After 3 mins warm up,there is no drift at all and SSB is excellent.
    Now it’s a Vintage,yet still on a parr with some modern receivers!

  3. Curt

    All PL-880s have this feature (using the “0” button) – it’s very handy! It’s nice that Tecsun added it to recent runs of the PL-660 as well. -Curt

    1. Thomas Post author

      Tom, I believe I bought mine around the same time. Got to remember to check when I’m back at the home office!



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