Mehmet Burk reviews the Degen DE660 and DE1126

Degen-DE660SWLing Post reader, Mehmet Burk, has apprised me of reviews he has published of the Degen DE660 and DE1126.

Until reading Mehmet’s review, I was not aware of the Degen DE660 (FM/Blutooth/MP3 player). He states the DE660, will fill a room or vehicle with outstanding sound quality.”

The DE660 could be an inexpensive alternative to the ubiquitous Bluetooth speaker–one that also sports FM.

Mehmet also gives the DE1126 good marks.

Click here to read the DE660/DE1126 reviews on Mehmet’s website,

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3 thoughts on “Mehmet Burk reviews the Degen DE660 and DE1126

  1. Walter Zhao

    It seems the DE1126 is too small to receive the tuner’s signal and output to its speaker, and there is no line in selection on the radio. I do not think it right to use this radio as a speaker to connect to a tuner, plus this radio has a tuner built-i and good to use as a FM radio too..

  2. Mehmet

    Hey Jim – I’ll send a quick note to the manufacturer to see if he can chime in on that. I’m not really sure. I do know that on the DE660 (bluetooth speaker) you can connect via bluetooth or via an audio line in–really sounds good especially considering the size. – Mehmet

  3. jim

    Can the Degen DE26 be used with an FM tuner that requires an an audio processor? I am currently using a large Sony AM FM unit to process the tuner output and it takes up too much space.


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