Maplin stocks the Tecsun PL-660

Maplin-Tecsun-PL-660If you live near a Maplin retail store in the UK you’ll be happy to note that they now sell the excellent Tecsun PL-660 portable radio.

Many thanks to London Shortwave who snapped the above shot in his local Maplin store. He notes/tweets: “though it’s a lot more expensive [at 99 GBP] than buying on eBay, [it] shows that the radio now has mainstream recognition.”

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One thought on “Maplin stocks the Tecsun PL-660

  1. james patterson

    Ive finaly bought a slightly better one out of many I checked for internal birdies/harmonics.Seems there are batches of these missed on the production test line at Tecsun that have bad internaly generated birdies that is alot more pronounced when switched to SSB mode,and the birdies do move up and down the frequencies.But when you have preset HF/SSB frequencies into the memories and they are locked in,there is no “traveling harmonics/birdies”.So its only when useing the tuning knob that it was noticed.Also check that you are buying the latest version.The version and date is marked on the box,hopefully that box matches the radio inside!!.Hopefully as versions get newer,they improve the internal birdies that will wipe out the station you are listening to on SSB if useing the tuning knob.


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