5 thoughts on “Smart cars also feature shortwave

  1. ¾ Blind

    That radio has one of the most legible frequency displays on any radio. I wish portable and tabletop SW radios had such a display with large high contrast digits, white or colored on black background, and that font. I am not in the market for a Smart Car because … because … well I’m not very smart.

  2. Jonathan Marks

    Don’t know why its only the 49 metre band on these radios. It used to be that DW, RIAS (6005), Bayerische Rundfunk (6160 kHz), had European channels on 49 metres which made sense for the German audience travelling to Italy or France on holiday. But all that has gone. So, if they are going to put coverage, why not 3-30 MHz?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Agreed, Jonathan. I mean, even 31M would be an improvement over 49M. 3-30 MHz would be pure fun–especially if stuck in traffic.

  3. Mark Fahey

    Wow very cool! Before the end of the year I am upgrading (downsizing) to a Fiat Pop (the classic Fiat shaped car) and would love to have shortwave in it. 🙂


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