Buying a BMW in South Africa? Shortwave radio is an option!

bwm-swSWLing Post reader, Bob, has a relative who works for BMW in the United States. Recently, Bob learned that some models of BMWs shipped to South Africa have a shortwave radio option.  He followed up with this photo of the radio display [see above].

Wow, what a fab idea! Not only would I love to have a factory-installed shortwave radio in my car, but I must admit that I love the simple design of this digital radio dial: elegant, clean, and just a tad retro and sci-fi, all at once.

Now if I could simply afford the BMW…Sigh!

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9 thoughts on “Buying a BMW in South Africa? Shortwave radio is an option!

  1. Jelle

    As far as I know all the new BMW’s here in Europe also have 49 meters. The receiver is very narrowbanded and deaf. I always thought it was included because there used to be a lot of german broadcasting stations on there.

  2. Jim Rittenhouse

    *sigh* I mean it’s great that they have SW in it at all, but I’d want something broader – coverage on 31 meter band and the 25 meter band for starters.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Jim: I couldn’t agree more. If I could only have one band, it would be 31M. I’m sure there’s good reason for the 49M band coverage in South Africa, though.

  3. james

    Is that an actual tuning knob and bandwidth scale or are we looking at a virtual display on a touchscreen?


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