Dates of availability for new Etón shortwave radios…


Several SWLing Post readers have been asking about the availability of the new Etón shortwave radio product line.

I’m pleased to report that I can confirm these availability dates for retailers, suggesting that these Etón units may be ready to ship on these dates:

  • Etón Mini 400: July 14, 2014 ($39 US)
  • Etón Field: July 21, 2014 ($129 US)
  • Etón Traveller III: September 8, 2014 ($59 US)
  • Etón Satellit: September 15, 2014 ($199 US)
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11 thoughts on “Dates of availability for new Etón shortwave radios…

  1. Stephen

    I too am a little confused. The DAB edition of the Eton is listed in a review in the 2016 edition of the WRTH. Although under the name Soulra I can’t find it listed to purchase anywhere.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Stephen, Are you in Australia or New Zealand? If so, I doubt you’ll find one through a local retailer like Jaycar. I think you would have to order one of these through a European distributor. I just checked at ML&S and, though, and was unable to find one.

      Seems like almost all of the units available via eBay come from the US and are very pricey:

      Perhaps you should contact Eton directly and ask this question?


  2. geoff adams

    In the uk, digital radio is becoming a standard, which is more than just digital tuning, some BBC radio stations only work on digital. The Soulra brand seemed to incorporate this feaute, over and above the Eton brand, but I can’t buy the brand anywhere. Amazon, for example, shows only the ‘Eton’ brand for sale when I put ‘Soulra’ into my internet search engine.
    So far I’m confused.
    Geoff Adams (UK).

  3. Steve

    Have you by chance received any updated availability for the Mini? Looks like the Mini may have been pushed. The only place I see the Mini listed is on the LL Bean website and they show it being available on Aug 16.

  4. Laszlo

    I hope someone reviews the Satellit soon after release. Looks like a nicely designed radio from the picture and specs. Wondering how it will perform compared to the 750.

  5. Steve

    Just FYI Thomas, I sent Eton an email in late May asking when the Satellit would be available to buy and the response I received back on May 29 was the Satellit would be available to buy in late July from retailers. The email was from the Operations Coordinator so I guess the release date has been pushed. Will you be reviewing the Satellit?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Steve,

      Yes–I think the date was moved back a tad.

      I’m sure I’ll get a Satellit to try, but I don’t know if I will review it. I feel like it’s a conflict of interest (at least a perceived one) after Eton started supporting my non-profit. Their CEO is now a good friend–he’s an amazing philanthropist and a great guy. Truly genuine fellow.

      He could care less if I review it–he’s a big believer in speaking your mind–but I might simply post others’ reviews. I may very well do an overview and/or post some recordings. I expect it’ll be a good rig.


  6. Mike

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of the Eton FRX5, which I believe is being released in July. No clue on any official dates though.

    1. Jim Bond

      I’ve sent two emails to Soulra in both June and July and so far not even got a response about this!
      I’m heading off to Zambia in Late October and want to give one of these FRX5’s to my old cook who lives in a remote village with no mains electricity, but plenty of lovely African sun.
      I enquired of the distributor in UK and they said late November, which is of course hopeless for me!
      If you hear of any coming up in America before then, do please let me know!


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