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W7LR-KenCarrRegarding memorable QSL cards, SWLing Post reader, Ken Carr comments:

“I received my favorite QSL card many years ago as a result of a random contact. I was just starting out in ham radio when I logged a QSO [contact] with a ham from Montana. I was thrilled because I knew how sparsely populated the state was. I once lived there for 8 weeks while studying at the biological station on Flathead Lake.

The very friendly and helpful ham from Montana was Bob Leo, W7LR. I promptly sent him a card and soon thereafter received one from Bob. Years later I was reading an article in QST. It was about a massive Dxpedition of 1947 sponsored in part by Hallicrafters. Hams from all over the country competed for the two coveted positions on what was called the Gatti Expedition. One of the hams chosen was Bob Leo!”

A photo of the card superimposed on the QST article along with more details are found on my Flickr site:

Thanks so much for sharing this memory, Ken!

Readers: you can follow Ken on his blog, KE1RI – A New England Ham.

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3 thoughts on “Ken’s favorite QSL card

  1. Lyndel

    I grew up (ham radio wise) knowing W7LR, Bob. I became a ham at the ripe age of 21. I’m pretty sure Bob signed my General class license exam! I’ve had the privilege of operating Field Day while being coached by Bob and Fred, KE7X of Elecraft fame. These guys are the BEST ham radio operators you’ll ever get to meet let alone operate with!!!! Bob and Fred would yell at us (all in fun) “RAW MEAT” when they would hear a CQ that we hadn’t worked durring Field Day. Ahhh, those were the days! I also coaxed Bob to participate in our so called winter Field Day in Bozeman where Bob still lives. We operated the 10 meter contest for a few years from the Montana State University station that Bob use to be the license trustee for. The MSU club station has a Hygain TH-7 at 150 feet and we were using a 1KW amp for the contest! Got reports from central US of 60db over S9 sometimes. We opened and closed the band before and after everyone in the Mountain west! Those were the fun days indeed!

    Bob is close to 100 and still operating the last I heard. His dear wife Colby passed away just a year or two. Their story of how they met is AMAZING! I might try and find that and post it here if possible (OKed).


    Lyndel Thiesen, N7LT
    Kalispell, MT
    formerly from Bozeman, MT


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