ERT Open (Voice of Greece) moves back to 9420 kHz

ERT_DigitalIf you were listening to the 31 meter band last night in North America, you would have heard a very strong ERT Open (Voice of Greece) back on their long-established frequency of 9420 kHz.

Only yesterday, I posted a note about ERT’s apparent move to 9415 kHz to avoid interference with the IRIB. Seems they changed their mind.

Indeed, conditions were superb last night and bands were wide open above 7 MHz. ERT was broadcasting on 9420 and 9935 kHz and both were strong (S9+).

I’m very curious if ERT will remain on 9420 or move back to 9415 kHz during the week. I suppose time will tell.

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One thought on “ERT Open (Voice of Greece) moves back to 9420 kHz

  1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi Thomas,
    At this moment, 01:30 local time, 23:30UTC, ERT open again transmits on 9415kHz!
    I’M doing the night shift right now, and have my Sangean ATS909 with me. Even inside the control room with plenty of qrm, the Sangean is doing fine with it’s oun telescopic antenna.
    All the best,


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