Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Mighty KBC

Kinks_Lola_Uk_CoverLast Sunday, I tuned to The Mighty KBC on 7,375 kHz, starting at 0000 UTC. The KBC signal out of Europe was blow-torch strength.

The Mighty KBC’s Giant Jukebox is chock-full of rock-n-roll and Euro-pop variety, spanning the decades. DJ “Uncle Eric” never disappoints.

If band conditions are as good as last night, you should be able to hear The Mighty KBC quite easily tonight.

In the meantime, here’s a recording from last week to wet your appetite:

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2 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Mighty KBC

  1. Broadwing

    The Mighty KBC has not been coming in across the ocean on the East Coast the past two weeks. On 11 Jan at 0100 UTC I am getting nothing. Very tiny signal S-4 no audio…Don’t know what the matter is? I hope they will get the issue fixed soon as I look forward to their broadcast each weekend.

  2. Ronald

    Thanks for posting the recording. This is the only way for me to listen to The mighty KBC. I cannot receive it in New Zealand. The time of 00.00 UTC is mid day, so no good for listening on 7,375 Khz.



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