CountyComm GP5/SSB delayed at port

GP5SSB-5Many thanks to Dave Zantow who points out the following message on Universal Radio’s product page for the CountyComm GP5/SSB:

“These radios arrived to the San Diego, CA dock in late November. Due to a dock worker labor issue, they have been stuck there. An exact release date is unknown.”

We will post an update when Universal Radio finally receives them–I’m sure Dave will also keep tabs on his excellent news page.

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2 thoughts on “CountyComm GP5/SSB delayed at port

  1. Alan Lease

    Re: The County Comm GP5/SSB has piqued my interest, however I’m a bit hesitant as to SSB (my primary interest) being allocated to HAM bands. Can I tune to numbers stations (unidentified unallocated frequencies) via SSB/USB & LSB (i.e. is the GP5 limited to certain frequency ranges within the continuous bandwidth for SSB/USB LSB & can I preset any specific frequency above 3000 kHz & then futz with the BFO – I realize SSB has no carrier to enable easy tuning)? My primary interest is monitoring the USAF HF-GCS (USAF is primary user, but all DoD can use the High Frequency – Global Communications System) on the following frequencies:

    3137 kHz
    4721-25 (night)
    6712-39 (night)
    8992 (24 hour)
    11175 (24 hour)
    13200 (day)
    15016 (day)

    I’m about 52 miles from Andrews AFB (8992 kHz); right at edge of LoS (odd coincidence; Line of Sight & Loss of Signal have same abbreviation), but depending on propagation factors should be able to monitor.

    I was going to invest in a Grundig (Eton) Satellit 750 after some research, but am now wondering if I need spend that much. I’m sure it’s “better” for many reasons, but its relative lack of portability along with mixed “hit or miss” reviews (especially on older production models circa 2009-11) have me worried. Several said it’d be a great radio…at $150 in lieu of its MSRP of $300. Further, Amazon first offered me a new unit for $238 & change. After reading the hundreds of reviews (not all in one session) I noticed Amazon kept upping the price in seemingly random, but doubtlessly algorithmic, increments. This really ticks me off. For some reason, on eBay new units are $380 to > $500 – & cheaper used ones are either ‘damaged/not working – for parts’ or are likely the crappy ones from early production or lemons from later; there’s no way to know, & I’m not a gamblin’ man. Sorry for the verbosity, I live alone, am handicapped, & don’t get out for up to a week at a time. When I do, I’m often house/pet sitting for spans as short as a weekend or as long as two weeks, so portability is key. I rent a single room in a basement converted to a nice 3 bedroom apt. It’s on a horsefarm & my room’s southern exposed ground level window is of nice size (not a tiny basement window), but a large fixed external antenna is out of the question.

    Anyway, my main ? is: is it able to receive the above freqs, & practical to attempt with the GP5?

    Alan Lease
    Frederick, MD

    1. Tomas

      You can tune to any frequency and use SSB. However a PL-660 or PL-680 is probably easier to use and they have better sound and controls than the GP5 (and they are still not that expensive).

      I don’t think you’re missing anything by not buying a “Grundig” S750. SSB performance is probably better on the 660/680 and they are much more portable.


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