Radio Dabanga: Sudan to launch 20 radio stations

RadioDabanga(Source: Radio Dabanga via Andy Sennitt)

Coming January, Sudan will launch ten shortwave radio stations in Darfur, and ten in South Kordofan

The new radio stations will present programmes in local dialects, to counter the broadcasts by Radio Dabanga, in an attempt to reduce its impact on the populations of those regions, especially in Darfur, Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman told Members of the national Parliament on Tuesday.

As for South Kordofan, the radio stations will aim to reach the Nuba people living in the rebel-controlled areas, the minister noted.

Sudanese MPs have criticised the performance of the official media before. They described it as “weak, and failing in the delivery of information”. On Tuesday, 25 November, the daily broadcasts by Radio Dabanga from the Netherlands were discussed in the parliament. Some MPs stressed the need “to disrupt the activity of Radio Dabanga, or completely stop it”, and demanded from the Information Minister of State to develop a plan to at least reduce its impact.

Radio Dabanga broadcasts in shortwave to the whole of Sudan and neighbouring countries. Satellite broadcasts are confined to the larger cities. (See elsewhere on this site for audio feeds.)

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1 thought on “Radio Dabanga: Sudan to launch 20 radio stations

  1. Frank Holden

    Here in SE Australia at 0450Z/15th December I have a good signal from Radio Dabanga’s Madagascar transmitter.
    Their website says it should be in english but it is in what says is Sudanese arabic.
    ( a year or so I was getting good english language reception)

    A good signal but close to unreadable ( even if I was fluent in arabic which I am not) due to heavy jamming… presumably by the Sudanese central government.


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