Moshe’s listening post at the office

SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes:

In the attached photos my Sangean receives Elliniki Radiophonia at 9420kHz at my working post. Note the amount of computers, screens and the fact that the radio sits on top of an HP printer.


Still audio is clear and clear reception with only telescopic antenna.


The other radio is my beloved Ben-Gal 1958 tube radio (Israeli made). It looks very much like German radios of the time.

[The Ben-Gal] is in daily use. Anyone seeing this radio loves it, especially when I turn it on!”



Many thanks for sharing these photos, Moshe! Your reception of Elliniki Radiophonia must be exceptional in Israel to overcome all of that office RFI.

The Ben-Gal must produce some rich audio; I bet it’s a champ on medium wave with that large internal ferrite bar! Beautiful set! Thanks again for sharing!

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4 thoughts on “Moshe’s listening post at the office

  1. manolis

    dear moshe hello.i have good news for you from greece.the new government says that ert will open again,so i believe if they continue the older music programs you will hear old greek songs that you like in your office or your home!best whishes manolis.

  2. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi Mike!

    First of all, thanks.
    As can be seen in the photos, there are no windows near my post, this is A control room full of wires, computers and monitors.
    The Sangean is powerd by it’s original power supply (the white transformer left to the printer), and still delivers clear audio.
    My aim was to show that the radio is able to handle “radio hostile” enviroment.
    Best Whishes,

  3. Mike

    Nice set-up, Moshe. Unfortunately, my office is essentially a Faraday cage that blocks almost all outside signals. I’ve brought radios in, but the only RF I hear is generated by the multiple pieces of scientific equipment in the building.

    73, Mike


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