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One of my local RadioShack stores is closing and liquidating all of the merchandise and store fixtures. I’ve visited the store twice and found that the best bargains come from the components cases where everything was marked at least 70% off.


I purchased about $60 worth of components like those above: test leads, connectors, plugs, adapters, RG-58 cables, fuses, breadboards, etc. Two packs of PL-259 crimp on connectors, for example, were about 70 cents each. Those prices are much better than you would find at a good hamfest; so I stocked up!

Several of you have commented about your local RS deals as well–SWLing Post reader, Troy, writes:

The Radio Shack® Digital Recorder you blogged about a few months back is marked down to $2.98 at Radio Shack stores – if it can be found. I drove 43-miles one way to buy one today. Despite gas and a $3 highway toll, I’m happy.

Radio Shack online inventory has historically been abysmal and given that stores are closing I’d encourage your readers to call stores – even if stock is listed as unavailable.

I haven’t tested it yet but from a previous post it appears software can convert the audio from mono to stereo. I’m sure I can figure it out with my MacBook Pro, but if not – given the modest expenditure – I’m satisfied nonetheless.

RadioShack-StoreClosing Many thanks, Troy!

If you are interested in snagging deals, you should act now. There is very little left in my local store and, according to a district manager I spoke with, items are moving as quickly in other regional stores. From reader reports, this is the case across the country.

Keep in mind: not all RadioShack stores are closing. Many franchise and corporate stores will remain open, at least for the time being.

Click here to view a list of all RadioShack store closures.

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8 thoughts on “RadioShack liquidation sales

  1. Will E

    Hi ,is there any place still selling ?I need as many of the plain bread boards as possible ?

    Thank you Will

  2. Neil

    So, today I visited a few more ‘Shacks. Two that are closing and one that is not. I found out that the first store I visited was so bare, because early-on, the stores here were asked to pack up and ship out all of the small items (what we RS old-time workers called force-feed, because of the way it was inventory-managed). This quickly became a ridiculous and tedious request, and they stopped it. Also, many of the stores that are closing got closeout merchandise shipped in to sell. What I had seen was a store that had shipped out all of the small parts, and viable merchandise, and had not yet received any incoming closeout merch. Today I purchased a few bags of assorted goodies, and got to see one of the remaining stores, at it’s newly restocked level. The employees seem optimistic that they are here to stay. We’ll see.

  3. B. Martin

    I’ll echo what Larry wrote (at 36, I am close in age as well). While I was hoping we’d keep at least a few stores in my area, they are all slated to close. Most have already started liquidation sales. I did check them out, but it’s a sad, depressing sight. Normally when I find a bargain it feels great but this was different. Like ripping off a friend or something.

    It’s hard to watch…as a budding geek in the ’80s and ’90s these were the stores I’d get excited about visiting just to see and play with the latest gadgets. Every fall I’d make sure to get my hands on the latest catalog and then I’d spend hours poring through it. Of course I had a ‘Battery of the Month’ club card too.

    I credit RS for fueling my love of radio – shortwave, scanning, you name it! RIP, Radio Shack.

  4. Joe Employee

    Agree with what Larry wrote. I am an ex Radio Shack employee from my high school days. I’m older than Larry, I was there when the first TRS-80 micros came out. This is a sad period in American history. So long to all my fellow Radio Shack pals.

  5. Larry hagood

    I agree the deals are great. I’ve raided a couple of closing radio shacks in the past as they were having their going out of business sale. But this time, it’s just sad. I know we sometimes make fun of them “you’ve got questions, we’ve got cell phones” but now, after almost 80 years they are dying for good. I’m an electrical engineer and I owe so much of that to the Forrest M Mimms books and the many archerkits and the 300-in-one learning lab I had as a kid. I got my first shortwave radios at our local radio shack. When I wanted to become a ham, i didnt have an elmer, but the owner of radio shack put me in touch with a VE and ordered me my first transceivers. I’m 38 years old, it’s easy to forget what life was like before google. So many times they have saved me the time I would have had to otherwise wait for a digikey order for a single cap or switch. I just cant bring myself to go pick over the bones this time. Thank you Radio Shack. You will be missed.

  6. Neil

    The three stores closest to us here that were closing had shipped anything current to other area stores to replenish stock. This included almost everything in the component cases, so no-go on my plans to stock up.

    What was left were a lot of white elephant items. Mostly older phone and tablet cases, and other uninteresting items. They had the 20-125 AM/FM/SW radios for $18, but from what I’ve read about them, it’s no bargain.

    Luckily, several of the better run RS stores will remain for now. It will be interesting to see where this all goes. I’ll miss them if they go for good, which I think is the endgame here. At least I’ll still have one local supplier for connectors, wire, etc, and MicroCenter has been carrying hobbyist supplies here in their Long Island location.

    I wish we had Fry’s here in the East.

  7. Pat

    The post re: RadioShack —- Reminds me of vivid memories of my youth circa 1949-50
    when there were MILES of stores on South State Street, Chicago, IL dedicated to surplus electronics components from WWII! I would spend glorious hours upon seemingly unending hours rumaging and everything was for sale at prices as low as $.05 PER POUND!

    1. Thomas Post author

      WOW!!! Those were glorious days indeed! I’d love to take a time machine back (and, perhaps a UHaul trailer) to help you rummage through those WWII surplus components.


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