Update: WRTH 2015 via Amazon

WRTH2015Last month we mentioned that Amazon had erroneously listed WRTH 2015 as a title that had “not yet been released.”

I’ve just received word from the publisher of WRTH that this has been fixed on Amazon’s site, but those of you who placed an order under the unreleased status may actually have to place a new order with Amazon. To verify, you might contact Amazon customer service, then simply place a new order.

Click here to order WRTH 2015 from Amazon.com.

Also note that WRTH is available from Universal Radio and directly from the publisher.

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3 thoughts on “Update: WRTH 2015 via Amazon

  1. Joe Employee

    I don’t like Amazon’s pricing games. I live overseas now so when I buy new books I use bookdepository.com because they have good prices and free shipping. I got my last year’s copy of WRTH from them. I’m waiting for WRTH to put out a spiral bound lay-flat copy before I order one for this year. Anyway about the book seller I am just a happy customer and have no relationship or interest. Hope this helps your offshore listeners.

  2. John LeMay

    I cancelled my order on Amazon about a week ago and reordered from the publisher. Received my copy via USPS today. It was only six days from order to arrival here in the US.

  3. Bill Lee

    Which is why it was always better from the publisher.
    And their shipping charges are quite low.

    Then to download their updates. sigh….


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