Radio Taiwan International to end transmissions to Europe & Africa

RadioTaiwanInternationalLogoMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Mike, who notes this brief announcement from Radio Taiwan International:

“Starting from March 29th, RTI will terminate its transmission to Europe on 3965 KHz and to Africa on 11975 KHZ following the end of cooperation between RTI and RFI. Listeners in the two continents are encouraged to listen to our [programs] online.”

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6 thoughts on “Radio Taiwan International to end transmissions to Europe & Africa

  1. K.U.

    I have enjoyed very good signals of RTI via the Issoudun transmitters (3965 kHz RTI in German and 9540 kHz RTI in Russian) here in Helsinki.

  2. Tomas

    In Scandinaiva I can hear RTI in English on a strong signal at 13810 KHz from Issoudun right now (and most other days). I don’t even remember hearing RTI on 3965 KHz so not a big loss for me…

    Could have something to do with that 13810 is on 500 KW but 3965 is on 250 KW (even though 13810 is supposedly targeting South Asia).

    1. Tomas

      I can hear RTI on 3965 KHz now but quite faint with a lot of noise using the Degen Active Loop antenna + PL660.

      I could hear the 11975 KHz transmission aimed at Africa last hour which was much stronger just like 13810, too bad it’s going away. (RTI in Russian on 9540 could be heard perfectly last hour as well).


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