SDRplay RSP: now $149 or £99


I just received the following tweet from @SDRplay:

We’ve been able to reduce the SDRplay RSP price to $149 or £99 (approx €149 ) + tax/shipping. See

I’ve just started reviewing the SDRplay RSP for the June 2015 issue of The Spectrum Monitor Magazine. Preliminary impressions of this SDR are quite positive–especially for a receiver in this price class. At $149 US, the SDRplay RSP is now less expensive that the Funcube Dongle Pro+. Indeed, the RSP is even less expensive than portables like the Tecsun PL-880 and Sangean ATS-909X.

Over the next two months (as I get to know the RSP better) I will post the occasional broadcast recording using the SDRplay RSP with HDSDR and SDR#.

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6 thoughts on “SDRplay RSP: now $149 or £99

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  2. Wyn Evans

    I have both and Airspy and the SDRplay RSP. I like them both, but on balance I prefer the RSP. The pluses of the RSP over the Airspy for me are:

    1. Sensitivity – At least with my Airspy, I find the sensitivity a bit disappointing. The RSP is on the other hand excellent. I read on another forum one user claiming that the difference between the two was as much as 3 dB. I can’t verify the number, but I would not be surprised if it were about right

    2. HF support – Absolutely fantastic, no up-converter needed

    3. ZIF or Low IF. In ZIF mode, with calibration, you can get image free reception

    4. Programmable filters. You can change the selectivity from as low as 200 KHz to the full bandwidth of 8 MHz, This is a huge plus for DX-ing if you live in an area with very strong local stations

    The plus for the Airspy is that there is does cover the gap between 380 MHz and 430 MHz, with the RSP doesn’t. For some people, this is a really big deal.

    Both seem to have about the same dynamic range, which isn’t surprising as despite using different tuners, the ADCs seem to be virtually identical.

    So in summary, I think both are pretty good products with pluses and minuses, but at this new price point, as long as you don’t need to use 380 – 430 MHz, there is really only one I would choose now.

  3. Matthew Reed

    I look forward to your review. I know it is an apples to oranges comparison, but I would be curious to know how the SDRplay RSP performs compared to the Tecsun PL-880 or Sangean ATS-909X. With the price reduction, I can see some people taking a chance and buying the SDRPlay RSP rather than a more expensive portable.

  4. Thomas Post author

    I wish I could comment about how the SDRplay RSP performs compared with the AirSpy and Funcube Dongle Pro+. I’ve used the FunCube before at a friend’s home, but it wasn’t ideally set up. The SDRplay RSP is–by far–the least expensive SDR I’ve ever tested. (Indeed, another on my bench at the moment is the TitanSDR, brilliant performance, but a $1490-$2490.00 US price tag depending on model.) Perhaps I’m easily impressed at this price point, but it sure feels like you get a lot of performance for the money. This would have revolutionized my listening when I was a kid in the 1980s! 🙂 Oh, if I could only time travel.

  5. tom

    Likewise,,, I am torn between this and the AirSpy to be honest? I don’t really understand the Pros ans Cons of each? My main VHF/UHF interest is civil and Mil Airband

  6. John

    Wow, great news! I’ve been very interested in this SDR for a while but couldn’t pull the trigger on buying it for some reason. Can’t wait for the review!


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