BBC At War: new series sheds light on WWII broadcasting


Many thanks to several SWLing Post readers from the UK who have pointed out this new BBC Two documentary: The BBC at War, Presented by Jonathan Dimbleby.

BBC Two describes the documentary as, “[a]n enthralling series exploring how the BBC fought not only Hitler but also the British government to become the institution it is today.”

Of course, the BBC iPlayer is region-locked, so you either need to be resident in the UK or using a proxy server in order to view. The first episode is available to view now; the second will be soon.

Click here to view Episode 1: The War of Words.

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One thought on “BBC At War: new series sheds light on WWII broadcasting

  1. Gary - W8EEY

    Saw the first episode earlier this week. Very well done. I had not realized that the BBC had very limited newscasts prior to WWII due to the Fleet St press Barons not wanting to give up their power. So the era was when radio news and live sound coverage were born. Looking forward to more.

    New episodes air Sunday nights.



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