Friday: transmission tests for Sunday’s Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rob Wagner, who reports:

HFCC is now listing a test transmission (as the BBC usually does) before the official Antarctic broadcast. The test will be held on Friday June 19 at 2130-2145 UTC. All frequencies listed [below] will be tested INCLUDING the 7425 Ascension outlet! Tests usually consist of a simple feed to BBC WS English programming.

  • 7,425 kHz, Ascension, 207 degrees
  • 5,985 kHz, Woofferton, 184 degrees
  • 9,590 kHz, Woofferton, 182 degrees
  • 5,905 kHz, Dhabayya, 203 degrees

What’s interesting about this is that 7425 wasn’t listed in the finally three freqs chosen for the broadcast, but they are including it in the test! Sounds like they are having “an each-way bet” (as we say in Australia) – 7425 may still possibly be used as a backup for the actual broadcast on June 21.  Cheers, Rob VK3BVW

Many thanks, Rob!  These test broadcasts will give us a good idea which frequencies to focus on during the official broadcast on June 21, 2015.  I’ll be listening Friday at 2130 UTC!

[Update: Note that I originally noted the broadcast time as Thursday in the title of this post. Apologies! I’ve since made this correction. The test broadcast is Friday night (June 19, 2015).]

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