Passport to World Band Radio now available for download

PassportToWorldband RadioMany thanks to my buddy, Skip Arey (N2EI), who informed me that the American Radio History website has added 18 issues of the late Passport To World Band Radio to their free downloads archive. These issues span 1986-2009 and are free to download. What a treasure trove!

Click here to view Passport To World Band Radio on the American Radio History website.

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18 thoughts on “Passport to World Band Radio now available for download

  1. Prithwiraj Purkayastha

    This link is not working anymore, so can you please share any other link from where I can download the PWBR old editions?

  2. mark desjardins

    hello from montreal,canada are you stiil poblish agen your book or volumes pleas replay to me i am interested about yor books m i nam is mark desjardins.

  3. paul

    These are all taken down , They are all copyrighted and posted without permission . So they are in fact illegal pirate versions .

  4. c. singer

    Has not been published since 2008/2009 but wants to keep the information from the newer (young) shortwave listeners,SHAME ON YOU. I guess the ownership of the copyright is more important than the spirit of shortwave listening it was born from. If it were my books,and could no longer profit from sales I would put it on the internet for free. Of course that’s just me!

  5. colin newell

    Yea… would have been nice to see that last issue.

    I have EVERY issue BUT that one and every one of them is signed by Ian McFarland….

    I would happily give all of those to a good home.

  6. Claudiu

    While the link is still valid, the downloads were “disabled per request of publisher” before I could get a copy. I was too late to the party. If I’m not breaking any laws in here by asking that, does any of you got the PDF file for the latest issue? Although dated, it could be a nice read for a newbie.

  7. Michael

    I was actually thinking about purchasing an old copy or two mostly for reading the old equipment reviews as well as the feature articles on various countries or stations. This makes it much easier!

  8. Dave

    This is great news, also I remember hearing somewhere that SOME of the original
    editors, contributors, and publishers were going to reinvent the publication and start a new version solely online in the near future. I hope that this is being done to heighten interest in a new version.

  9. Al Holt

    Consider making a donation of your print magazines, book, catalogs and other broadcast and hobby related media to American Radio History. Add to the collection and make a great service even better!

  10. Troy

    This is great news, thanks for posting this! I have managed to collect every single print edition and it will be nice to load these on the iPad and MacBook Pro. Every so often it’s nice to look-up an old review or page through some of the nostalgic features of yesteryear.

  11. Andrew

    Wow! This is really great. I only have one old copy left.The 2000 edition of Passport to World Band Radio. Now I can download all the old editions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


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