Neil’s updated radio kit guide

My Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

My Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

Neil Goldstein, W2NDG, has just informed me that he’s updated his comprehensive radio kit guide which can be found at Many thanks, Neil!

The next kit I have on the table is the Sawdust Regenerative Receiver by BreadBoard Radio. Should be a lot of fun and a nice weekend project (once I have a free weekend to complete it). Still, I think I’ll check out Neil’s list to see if there are any new kits I’ve overlooked–after all, fall and winter kit-building seasons are just around the corner!

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    1. Thomas Post author

      Oops! You get editor Kudos, Bill! Thanks for catching that typo. That’s what happens when you hammer out a post after finishing an 18 mile mountain bike trek! My hands were (are) still a little shaky! 🙂 (At least, that’s the excuse I tell myself.)



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