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SX-99-DialSWLing Post reader, Robert Gulley (AK3Q), has just informed me that he’s started a radio blog on  Robert notes:

“One of the recurring themes will be on the importance and relevance of shortwave radio, and nothing denotes this more than your work with Ears To Our World.

[…]Also, if interested I have an audio file of a voice CQ call from this past weekend’s ISS special event, along with audio of an SSTV image being sent. The cosmonaut makes a CQ call (after which getting over my shock I returned a call); he calls again and another station nearby tries to get him, and then immediately an SSTV image is transmitted.”

Very cool, Robert! I’ve always wanted to work the ISS, but never have managed to do it so far. But, hey, there’s always tomorrow!

Thanks, also, for mentioning Ears To Our World–so far, this year, we’ve distributed radios in Kenya, Cameroon, and South Sudan. There are still remote and impoverished parts of the world that benefit from the lifeline of information radio brings to them.

Readers, check out Robert’s blog at!

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