Dr. Phil’s radio articles: portable SDR and pocket DX

RTL-SDR-001SWLing Post reader, Dr. Phil, recently contacted me regarding a collection of articles he’s written about DXing and radio modifications.

His site actually has a number of useful articles that I’ll plan to convert to future posts, with his permission.

Sony ICF-S10MKIII asked Dr. Phil for links to two of his most popular publications. He replied:

My two big recent articles are shown below. One is about “Pocket Radio DX”: using under-$20 radios to DX (started in 2003). Click here to download as a PDF.

The other is about using an $18 NooElec TV-tuner as a MW and shortwave receiver. Click here to download as a PDF.

Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing these, Dr. Phil!

I actually have a  Sony ICF-S10MK2, which I consider to be a capable and useful little AM/FM receiver for the sub $20 price. I’ve also been very tempted to purchase an RTL-SDR dongle, so I may go ahead and bite the bullet on one of the NooElec SDR dongles.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Phil’s radio articles: portable SDR and pocket DX

  1. RAG

    Comcast no longer host websites. Has Dr. Phil’s moved to a new location, or has it fallen foul of digital decay?

    1. Michael Black

      I don’t know. There have been postings in various places that the page is gone, but no word on why r if it went anywhere else. He used to post in rec.radio.shortwave, and just a few months ago posted about updates to his webpage, he even said something about having gotten rid of some if his traditional radios, so impressed he was by SDRs.

      So maybe he’ll turn up somewhere.


      1. Thomas Post author

        Actually, this jogged my memory. I wrote to Dr. Phil a few months ago and asked for an updated URL. Here’s his reply:

        “Comcast (xfinnity) dumped everyone’s home pages. I may put them up again; but I’m currently working on wrapping them into a real, black and white, paper-back book.”


        1. Eric Richards

          Sorry to reply to such an old post, but I’ve been wondering about how to contact Dr. Phil. His Yahoo mail address is obviously not valid, but searches using Google get me to old saved copies of his articles. Feel free to pass on my email address.


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