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Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul Walker, who writes:

Thomas.. I know this isn’t quite SW news anymore, but Radio Kiribati usedto be on SW a while ago and is now on AM.

I just found out something to those of us interested in Pacific radio signals. Radio Kiribati 1440 JUST started a live web stream…JUST…as in, like within the last few days!

The audio levels can be a bit loud and overdriven at times, but i am corresponding with their Chief Engineer and the Radio station manager at the Broadcasting & Publications Authority in an effort to get levels set just right.

The audio is average and I wouldn’t expect much more, quality wise, then what they’ve got now.. as most of these stations have hare basics when it comes to some equipment.
The Radio Kiribati stream was just added to the database for internet radios and should be there soon if it isn’t already.


The stream is at The stream itself is of amazing quality at 64k vorbis, which sounds good to my ears via my CC Wifi Radio and CCrane Senta speaker.

Radio Kiribati only broadcasts local programming at certain times of day. Sometimes I’ll hear Radio New Zealand International outside of local broadcasting, other times I won’t.

TX times are as follows…most of their programming is in their native language, which is Gilbertese according to Wikipedia. It’s a Micronesian language of the Austronesian language family. They do three segments of English broadcasting every day, some 30 minutes long and one is an hour long.
Kiribati is UTC+14… at 416pm Thursday in Southwest Arkansas, where i am.. it’s 916am Friday morning in Kiribati.

  • Morning: 0700am to 0830am. English at 8am
  • Lunch: 1200 noon to 1330. English at 1300
  • Evening: 1700 to 2130. English at 1800

Feel free to post this to your own blog, website, Facebook group or page.. let’s spread the word!!

Thanks, Paul!

WiFi radios

Though pricey, I've heard the Pure Evoke F4 has fantastic audio and a meticulously curated database of Internet streams.

Though pricey, I’ve heard the Pure Evoke F4 has fantastic audio and a meticulously curated database of Internet streams.

This is one of the benefits of Wi-Fi radios and Internet streams: the ability to hear “local” stations–many of which used to broadcast on shortwave–from all corners of the globe.

I’m seriously considering purchasing a Wi-Fi radio for my wife to make it a little easier for her to listen to Internet streams in her office.

I’ve been looking at the C.Crane CC WiFi radio, the CC WiFi 2, the Grace Digital WiFi Music Player and the (much pricier) Pure Evoke F4 which my buddy, John Figliozzi, so highly recommends.

Any suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Radio Kiribati and WiFi Radios


    olá…que curiosidade em querer conhece-los…abraços a todos…estou no Brasil, na cidade de Belém do Pará

  2. Dennis Kalinin

    I’ve been an owner of Sangean WFR-1 for years already and I still think it is one of the best. Wooden solid cabinet reminds me of the old good days of tube radio, and the sound quality is really remarkable for this kind of devices. The only cons is the price which was too high, not sure about the nowadays.

  3. Mario Filippi

    Those C Crane radios are the greatest, I have one over a year and am enjoying broadcasts from around the world and domestic radio stations too. No fade, static, and no dependence on the ionosphere. It is amazing the plethora of stations available for listening from all over the globe, plus there are some utility stations too. While I’ll never give up my shortwave radio and tabletop AM radio, these Internet radios provide another source of entertainment and can peacefully coexist with traditional listening mediums.
    The Sangean WFR-28 is another great performer, and includes the FM broadcast band. I like this model because it’s portable – runs on rechargeable batteries and for all intents and purposes looks like a regular tabletop AM radio. You can take it around the house or even outside (depending on the range of your router).
    Truly a great world we live in today. 73’s and thanks for this great blog Thomas.

  4. Chris Freitaa

    I have heard that the Logitech Squeezebox is a good Wi-Fi radio. You may want to also consider Chromecast Audio which allows you to stream content to existing speakers connected to it. Alternatively, if you have a bluetooth compatiable device then I would get something like the Sangean WR-22 which allows you to stream content like TuneIn Radio from a smartphone or tablet.

    1. [email protected]

      I have a Logitech Squeezebox, the portable battery powered model. It has very good audio quality when it works, but that isn’t very often. It has horrible WiFi connection issues that are apparently pretty common from what I’ve read on the Squeezebox forums Logitech seems to have pretty much abandoned the Squeezebox line, I’d avoid it.

  5. Harald DL1ABJ

    But according to their website the stream will not stay for free:

    “Radio Streaming

    You have to pay for a subscription of $5.00/month or $60.00/year in order to be able to listen to radio: AM 1440 KHz.

    Upon making payment for a subscription you have to provide a username and password (which you can change later) that you will use for setting up your account in the system.

    Otherwise simply click the radio link (photo of radio) below to start listening”


    1. Paul Walker

      I wasn’t told they’d be charging, but I think it’s worth it to hear a rare station.. especially when they get streaming and audio issues worked out. I’ve spent about $50-$60USD over the last 3 years on cd airchecks they’ve provided me before they started streaming

  6. paul walker

    And sometimes the audio levels when they rebroadcast RNZI are so low, you can only tell there’s audio on the channel; but not whats being said.

    Nonetheless, great to have another broadcaster from afar online now…. take the lumps with the good stuff… and hopefully get things to improve over time.


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