eBay find: American Electrola DXC-100


Last night, I noticed an untested American Electrola DXC-100 shortwave/AM/FM radio listed on eBay: it had a BuyItNow price of $49 shipped.

The seller (who has an excellent feedback history) disclosed that the power supply was missing, thus the receiver couldn’t be tested.


As you can see from the photos, it’s in great cosmetic shape.

I’ll admit it: I purchased the DXC-100 in a moment of weakness this morning. I don’t expect it to be much of a performer, but it is a relatively rare 1990s receiver that was built in Pittsburgh, PA. I believe only 2,000 units were produced. I have a weakness for odd-ball receivers.

I’m willing to bet the DXC-100 is functional, though the backup battery may need to be replaced.

s-l1600 (1)

Does anyone have a schematic or owner’s manual for the DXC-100? I will have to find or build a suitable 9V power supply but need to determine the proper polarity first.

I’ll do a short review of the DXC-100 if I’m able to get it on the air.

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16 thoughts on “eBay find: American Electrola DXC-100

  1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Shortwave coverage on the label says 100kHz – 29.999MHz, so continues coverage from Longwave into Medium wave and Shortwave?
    In that case, the label should have been edited differently.
    By the way, to me it looked like a hotel safe…

    Best Regards,

  2. Mark Piaskiewicz

    No problem! I was a serious PPTWBR addict back in the day and recall this radio being reviewed. I didn’t remember the year though, so I had to hit the archives. 🙂

  3. Ken L

    Just did a google search to get some background on that radio. Looks like an interesting project. One thing, on one of search results it was mentioned that the radio performed better at 12V than 9V, Apparently it’s spec’d for 9-12V DC.


    1. Thomas Post author

      I’ve read that the microprocessor/display does inject some noise on the shortwave bands. I’ve also heard that it’s relatively sensitive, though. I’ll suppose I’ll form my own opinions soon enough! 🙂


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