eBay: Mario considers the Time Out Radio Bench


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who writes:

Hi Thomas,

For hams and SWLs that have a lot of clutter, a great idea, reminds me of a foot stool that has been re-purposed for radio buffs. Nice idea, good price, free shipping, what’s not to like? My spending finger’s getting itchy hi hi.

Click here to view on eBay.

I’m with you, Mario: this is not a bad price for a useful and portable shelf that is even made here in the USA (Kentucky). I could see using one on Field Day where horizontal space is often limited on club tables.

It appears that the seller (a ham: Ron, KK4RON) purchased a large number of these in a deal. He writes this in the product description:

These benches are great for setting up a compact ham station or use 3 for a surround set up , They also stack nicely if you only have a narrow space available. Go UP rather than out.

These are very sturdy and well made in the USA by a factory in Kentucky , the surface is a very durable and easy clean kitchen cabinet material (Formica) on 3/4″ wood so screwing on mounting brackets and mike holders and such is very easy

These were intended to sell for $49.95 but the company that ordered them went out of business before they had payed the factory so the factory got stuck with literally thousands of these finished and ready for sale.

We were able to acquire there entire inventory including boxes and packaging at a fantastic price but that is also why we are limited to 8 colors and 2 top colors. But these are very well built from a factory (not home made) and just perfect for mounting several radios to and cleaning up your bench.

Again, many thanks, Mario, for sharing this find (and perhaps it’s time to get yourself an early Christmas gift?)!

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3 thoughts on “eBay: Mario considers the Time Out Radio Bench

  1. William Pietschman (W8LV)

    Many Thanks!

    One product that I have found quite useful for our purposes is a “Handy Caddy”. It is a “as seen on TV” item. I obtained mine at Goodwill. I have a picture of it, but didn’t know how to submit it. Nor could I copy and paste a link. But Google it on amazon…. Anyway, it is a sliding shelf for under your coffemaker, so you can slide it forward and out of the way of your cabinet to pour water into it. I use mine for equipment, for example, to slide a scope towards me when I am working at the bench to fiddle with the oscilloscope knobs , and then slide the whole affair out of the way. Works good…and you can use it for any equipment that you want to slide out of your immediate work vacinity.

    73 DE Bill W8LV

    1. Thomas Post author

      That’s very cool, Bill. You can send a photo so me using my email address and I’ll post this. Just checked out the Handy Caddy via Google and they’re quite affordable. I bet Goodwill is an excellent source, too!

      My email is “thomas” [-at-] “swling.com”



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