November 28, 2015: Tune to “Rockin’ with Raoul”


Radio producer and SWLing Post friend, Raoul van Hall, writes:

Hello fellow shortwave and music fans. I am very excited to be broadcasting via PCJ International, a one-hour music special on November 28th. It’s called “Rockin’ with Raoul,” and it will feature some very rare rock tracks that you have probably never heard before. If you ever listened to The Rockpile on Global 24, and liked it, you will love this special program.

Plus we have special QSL cards for all these PCJ specials.

Thanks to Keith Perron and to everyone committed to keeping shortwave fun.

Many thanks for the heads-up, Raoul!

Rockin’ with Raoul will broadcast on 11580 khz on November 28, 2015 at 09:00 UTC.

More changes to this PCJ broadcast series

Please note that, Keith Perron posted the following on PCJ’s Facebook page:

I will be canceling the remainder of the PCJ Special Broadcasts after next weeks program. There is just not a sufficient audience to continue with the rest.

Last week and this week it was the same people. So it’s not justified to keep it going for fewer than 20 people.

Apologies to those who did tune in.

In other worlds, Rockin’ with Raoul, will be the last show in this broadcast series, so make sure you tune in! Contact PCJ with your reception reports.

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9 thoughts on “November 28, 2015: Tune to “Rockin’ with Raoul”

  1. Richard Langley

    Excellent reception here in New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada about 100 km in from the Bay of Fundy. 11-minute delay to start of program due to some kind of technical fault (at the WRMI studios?). Hopefully potential listeners hung in there. Enjoyable program. Recorded for posterity and will upload to the archive soon. Thanks, Raoul and Keith.

  2. Raoul

    Upon further investigation, I just discovered that Perry Manno, the founder of Ameristream just passed away. He was just 56. Way too young.
    Ameristream hosted two of my programs and Perry was really great to work with.

    They had just launched another crowdfunding campaign two weeks earlier.

    My thoughts are with his family.


    Jazz from the Left and The Rockpile

  3. Raoul

    Hi Bill,

    I just now checked and it looks like their website might be down. It’s always been there before when I’ve looked for it. I’ll contact the guy in charge and let him know.

    I guess just check back? I’ve heard the listening numbers are pretty good, so I’m sure you’ll still be able to find them there.


  4. Bill

    I had tuned in to The Ameristream link a couple of months ago and really enjoyed listening to Raoul on The Rockpile and Jazz from the left, however I tried to go there to listen a couple of weeks ago and can’t find the shows anymore. Any idea what has happened?

  5. Raoul

    This should be a fun adventure in sound. I hope you will tune in. This program
    will feature some rare recordings and remixes that you have probably never heard before. I have searched the planet for some of these recordings. If you enjoyed some of the rarer recordings I played on The Rockpile, then you’ll love this program.
    Please send me your thoughts and comments to [email protected]

    To get your customized QSL card for this program, email us at: [email protected]


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