Open Box Deal: Sony ICF-SW7600GR $98.89 shipped

Sony-ICF-SW7600GR has an “open box” deal on one of my favorite shortwave portables: the Sony ICF-SW7600GR. Though this receiver has been on the market for many years, its AGC, synchronous detector, and selectivity are still benchmark. Check out how it was favored by readers in this blind comparison. The ‘7600GR also has a dedicated and stable line-out port; one of the reasons it’s still my receiver of choice for field recordings. Ergonomics and the lack of a tuning wheel/knob are my only real complaints about the ‘7600GR.

I almost snatched this deal up–if for no other reason than to have a spare unit–but I’d rather give someone here in the SWLing Post community a chance to add this to their collection. The ICF-SW7600GR typically sells for $130-140 new and $90-110 used. It appears there’s only one in stock.

Actually, if you’re clever (!) you can buy this ‘7600GR for $89.90 shipped…

If you’ve never visited, or if you open their website in a private/incognito window, Blinq will typically pop up a window offering 10% off for new shoppers as long as you subscribe to their newsletter. You then receive a coupon code via email you can use with the first order.

Click here to view the open box Sony ICF-SW7600GR on

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4 thoughts on “Open Box Deal: Sony ICF-SW7600GR $98.89 shipped

  1. rtc

    It’s sold.
    The GR was a nice receiver save for the excessive mute on
    manual tuning (the earlier G model didn’t have this),which
    got on many users nerves.
    Another instance of ITD (Improved To Death).


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