UNT Archives publish Willis Conover interview with Louis Armstrong

(Photo source: Inside VOA)

(Photo source: Inside VOA)

Thanks to the endeavors of Maristella Feustle at the UNT Music Library, five hours of recently-restored Louis Armstrong interviews with Willis Conover are now online and free to download/listen.

Kudos to the UNT archives for making these amazing recordings so accessible! What a treasure trove.

Click here to view links to all five hours of recordings at the UNT Archives’ website.

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3 thoughts on “UNT Archives publish Willis Conover interview with Louis Armstrong

  1. Richard Langley

    PCJ Radio International’s Media Network Plus featured an NPR item on Willis Conover during its 19 December 2015 episode. It’s available on line here:
    http://www.radio4all.net/files/[email protected]/3101-1-Media_Network_Plus_PRG257_December_19_2015_30min_edition.mp3

    The NPR Weekend Edition item can also be found on archive.org here:

    There was also an item on Conover on NPR back in the summer. You can find it here:


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