Bill recommends the Signal Identification Wiki


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill, who shares a link to this Signal Identification Guide:

Curious if any readers have been using this guide–seems like a convenient resource to ID those numerous signals on the bands. Entries show what each signal looks like on a spectrum waterfall display and provides audio clips.

Thanks for the tip, Bill!

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3 thoughts on “Bill recommends the Signal Identification Wiki

  1. Robert

    Really do like these kinds of sites – as Mario said, having images and sounds helps so much to distinguish between garbage and good signals. Besides, with the plethora of signals out there, and new ones coming almost every day, no one can keep them all straight (okay, at least not me!!)
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Mario

    Thanks for the information, having the audio and waterfall image of a digital mode is very helpful in figuring out what you are listening to. There are several other sites out there with images and audio files of different modes, even those on VHF and UHF. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

    And thanks Thomas for posting!

  3. Tom Servo

    I’ve gone through the entire wiki and found it to be mostly useful, but there are several entries that are empty or incomplete or appear to be people just playing around with the editing system. I wish it had more audio samples for HF mystery signals, too. Having the waterfall imagine is nice but I’m more sound oriented.


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