Blinq Deal: Terk Indoor AM radio Antenna AM-1000 $27.69 shipped

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I just noticed that has a “New – Open BoxTerk  AM-1000 Advantage indoor mediumwave loop antenna, on sale for $27.69. This is a great price for this quality AM loop which typically sells for about $50.

The antenna (much like the Tecsun/Grundig AN-200) inductively couples to your AM radio.  In other words, simply place your radio next to the antenna, tune to your desired frequency, then tune and turn the loop antenna until you maximize your received signal. Very simple to use.

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16 thoughts on “Blinq Deal: Terk Indoor AM radio Antenna AM-1000 $27.69 shipped

  1. Frank

    Thanks for this article, Thomas. I must say AM loops make a big difference and every AM dxer or even program listener should have one IMO, since they are so easy to place and direct and use. I use them mainly for improving reception on the Dutch and Greek pirates, have been using the AN100 for 2 years so far with good results (even if it arrived with one loose screw and one missing, no biggie, tightened resp replaced them in a minute), improves reception even on the already splendid Sony EX5MK2. It also helps a lot to be able to listening to AM radio while working at the computer, my very local interferences become less a problem.
    Unfortunately, at Binq, the Terk is sold out now 🙁
    Thinking about the QStick now, or homebrew, as long as it´s still winter.

  2. 13dka

    Funny side note: a US-based Amazon “Marketplace” dealer is trying to sell the Kaito (Tecsun) AN200 on (Germany) for…wait for it…better take a seat and grab your heart pills…150€, that’s $162. To my knowledge it’s not the version that was hand-wound by elves on the moon and it won’t be delivered by a nude all-girl marching band either.

    1. rtc

      The AN 200 is made by Tecsun/Kaito.

      The AN 1000 is (was) made by Terk
      and usually is found for nearly double
      this price nowadays…you get better
      build quality,better variable tuning

      Not to say the AN 200 is cheap;it’s
      very good and very usable,it’s like
      comparing a Ford to a Cadillac though.

      BTW if you go for the Kaito/Tecsun AN 200,
      get the AN 100 version instead,it’s styled like
      the Terk with a flat-bottomed base.

    2. Joe

      I researched this a bit when I was shopping for a loop antenna. As far as I can tell, the difference between the AN100 and AN200 is strictly cosmetic. The lowest prices I could find for both were about the same, so I purchased an AN200 because I preferred its appearance.

      1. rtc

        As far as I know the styling is the only difference,
        just prefer the flat-base AN 100;there’s more room
        if you wish to mod it for LW.

  3. Tha Dood

    i’ve looked at this antenna over the years and past on it since I’ve tried other Terk antennas and thought that they’ve sucked. I’ve done better building my own, especially TV antennas. Is there anyone who has a decent review of this one?

    1. rtc

      Yep,it’s very much worth it at this price.

      Very good build quality,and the variable
      capacitor used is high quality.

      They don’t build them this good anymore,
      esp. at this price.

    2. Brian R

      I agree with rtc and Thomas, this is quite a decent antenna for being so portable even at the full price I paid for mine. The tuning circuit has a high ‘Q’, which means that the peak of the frequency response is sharp and you don’t amplify unwanted adjacent frequencies as much. It can’t compete on signal strength with my homebrew 6-foot tuned loop (which can easily overload a portable radio), but it still a good improvement over a “barefoot” portable’s internal antenna by itself.

      1. rtc

        You are so right…my homebrew
        Hula Hoop LW loops are very
        effective but like yours they
        aren’t all that “room friendly”.
        But we loop folks all know the
        fact…bigger is better.

    1. rtc

      Well….there are really no “affordable” (cheap) LW
      loop antennas but you *do* get what you pay for.

      Suggest the PK Loops passive antenna:

      Paul is a nice guy and a good ham,have purchased from
      him and can vouch for his product.

      *Be sure to order-at no extra cost-the 150-500 khz loop

      Expect it to be a little less than 100us delivered but you
      will not ever need another one.

      About the only other one is the Q-Stick from
      Gerry Thomas at Radio Plus:

      It is good quality and Gerry is first-rate.
      Expect around 52us plus shipping.

      You can take the Kaito/Tecsun AN 100 described below,
      add a 270 pf cap across the variable tuning cap,run it thru
      a switch for LW/MW and get 400-500 khz coverage out of it.

      But the two made-for-LW antennas above are best for the
      money IMO.


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