Dan notes a Collins 51S-1 NOS that is near record price


[See update below]

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

This NOS 51-S1 is headed for a record price for an Ebay sale. I have only seen one of these in this condition in my decades on Ebay. This is a rare rack version complete with box and original accessories. The preselector, also NOS, sold earlier today:

Click here to view on eBay.

I’ll watch this auction just to see how high the price goes. At time of posting, it was at $4,850 US (plus shipping):eBay-Collins

UPDATE: The winning bid was $5,500 US plus $56.19 shipping:


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5 thoughts on “Dan notes a Collins 51S-1 NOS that is near record price

  1. karl keller

    Wow! Remember though, just because the receiver is NIB and NOS from the 1970s, that doesn’t stop “the hands of time”. Components like electrolytic capacitors, etc. will have aged and will need replacement. So…$5500.00 plus shipping, won’t make this collectible “plug and play”.

  2. Mario

    Just shows you what some folks have stored away over many years, untouched, unopened, and it is great that there are sites like Ebay where rare gems like this can be auctioned off for all the world to see and take a shot at. The last five minutes of these auctions are the greatest and most exciting.


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