Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, for sharing Alan Roe’s excellent guide to music broadcasts on shortwave radio.

Alan Roe (who happens to be an avid SWLing Post reader!) has generously given me permission to post his guide here as a free (PDF) download. Thank you so much, Alan! I’ve already printed this guide and placed it with my WRTH and WWLG.

Click here to download Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave (PDF).

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11 thoughts on “Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave

  1. Alan Roe

    Rather belatedly, I’ve just come across the above comments for the B-15 issue of Music on Shortwave with some good update suggestions. Of course, as is the way of things, I find this the day after I post the A-16 issue. Anyway, I will update the A-16 issue in a couple of days to include Ray Robinson’s and London Shortwave’s suggestions.

  2. erik in california

    Thank you so much. I just finished listening to zánzibar 11735, broadcasting great music. I would have never found it without this guide. Long live shortwave!

  3. London Shortwave

    A few addenda:

    Radio Nacional da Amazônia, Brazil (11780 kHz):
    0200-0600 (Mon-Fri)
    “Madrugada Nacional” – Brazilian Oldies

    Radio Rebelde, Cuba (5025 kHz):

    0600-0700 (Mon-Fri)
    “Nosotros (un encuentro con tus recuerdos)” / “Us (a trip down the memory lane)” – traditional Cuban music

    1100-1400 (Sun)
    “Memorias” – a thematic 3-hour programme dedicated to Cuban music history

    Radio Oromiya, Ethiopia (6030 kHz)
    1530-2000 (Mon-Sun)
    Variety programming including many Ethiopian songs in Amharic and Oromo

  4. Ray Robinson

    Hi, Alan. Is this only a listing of music programmes audible in Europe? I’m curious as to why you omitted the music programmes from KVOH:
    0200-0300 Tue-Sat Classic Jazz
    0300-0400 Tue-Sat Ranch Nights Live (Country)
    0300-0400 Sun Saturday Night Jazz Session
    0300-0400 Mon Sunday Night Swing Shift
    KVOH is well heard throughout Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Eastern USA.

  5. Temmy

    Thanks, Alan, for the work you put in making this useful list. Many listeners will enjoy these broadcasts.

    Thanks for posting, Thomas.

  6. Dan H

    Thanks so much for Alan Roe’s Guide to Music on Shortwave. I will use this guide as much as local SW conditions will permit.

    As a classical music listener I can only lament the demise of good classical music programming on radio. This trend started with AM and SW broadcasters and continued the dumb-down on FM. Years ago I could hear anything from a full-length symphony to a full length piano trio from SW broadcasters like BBC, YLE Finland, ORTF, VOA, and various Radio Moscow and USSR nationals. I liked the fading effects on classical music. Nada, today.

    Oh, yeah. I remember a few 45-minute sets coming out of Radio Rumbos in Venezuela back in the 70’s.

    Times have changed.

    I still get a kick from a few SW stations today. RNZI at 0900 is pretty good, but not classical by any means. 🙂


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