4 thoughts on “Sony SRF-59 information page

  1. Edward

    I like the detailed explanation of the theory of operation in the service manual complete with schematics. I would consider getting one because Sony is willing to give out that information. I wish tecsun would have such a manual, and then I would consider the PL-880. Until then I will have to wait. I buy more than just the radio itself

  2. Horacio Nigro

    Besides the low quality variable condenser used by Sony that implies a noisy and unreliable reception while tuning after some time using the receiver. I got two or three of these receivers, only the first one had very good performance, the others were mediocre for MW DXing purposes.

    1. rtc

      You are so right.

      The tuning capacitor used in the earlier SRF-29 and 19
      was far better quality.

      The tuning cap in the 39,49 and 59 was not made to
      last…it’s as if they were meant to be “throw-away”.

      BTW,they used the same type of tuning cap in the
      ICF-SW 10,11 and 12 series,too.

  3. rtc

    Er,most of the 59’s were vulnerable to poor QC,
    meaning you had to do a tuneup and ferrite bar
    adjustment right out of the box…relatively few were
    good to go.


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