The Xiegu X5105: a new QRP portable transceiver in development


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Mike, who writes:

I thought your readers might like to know about the new Xiegu X5105 [HF] transceiver which is being developed by the Wouxun group out of China (the same company who produces an inexpensive line of amateur HTs).

According to, the X5105’s receiver is a double-conversion superheterodyne design and is made portable by way of 3 rechargeable lithium batteries of 1.8 mAh each. Native output of 5 watts.

I’ve read that the price will be around $500 US.

The X-108 forum also has the following message, I assume, from a company representative…

“Xiegu Tech will launch new products. I’m very pleased to share relevant information with you:-)

I. X5105 short wave transceiver

  • X5105 is a highly portable transceiver working at HF+6m band, with a built-in power output of 5W.
  • Technical features: double-conversion superheterodyne, fitted with up to 3 lithium batteries of 18,650mph each.
  • Expandability
  • A standard main unit (embedded with one 8-pole 2.7k-SSB crystal filter)
  • An optional high stability, high precision TCXO module
  • An optional 500Hz narrow band crystal filter
  • An optional plug-in 5W antenna tuner module

II. XPA125 integrated amplifier and antenna tuner

  • XPA125, with a built-in antenna tuner, amplifies the output up to 125W.

Technical features:

  • 125W linear power amplifier + combined LC antenna tuner.


  • A standard 125W amplifier, An optional 125W automatic antenna tuner.”

Thanks for all of the info, Mike!

That’s an interesting portable design. I like the display–reminds me of the Icom IC-746.

I’ll be very curious how well it performs as a general coverage receiver. I don’t see any specs regarding AM mode or the maximum bandwidth. The price is certainly competitive; nearly half that of the Elecraft KX3. I seriously doubt it could give the KX3 a run for its money, performance-wise, but who knows? Looks like we’ll have more info by the end of the year when the X5105 hits production. Thanks again for the tip!

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21 thoughts on “The Xiegu X5105: a new QRP portable transceiver in development

  1. Wayne

    No the X5105 is legit, i have one here for testing purposes..I have also posted video’s of it on you tube…Do a search using my call sighn 2e0bvj and you will see its genuine.

    I also run the Xiegu X108G & X5105 face book group..Come and join us for all the latest updates.. 73 de Wayne 2e0bvj

  2. yves

    Watch out for those fast Lithium batteries. There are horror stories of those electric coasters (some sort of mini-Segway devices) bursting into flames when recharging. I’m sure they can pull together a decent, working QRP transceiver but… it’s all in the details. I dropped my Yaesu h/t a few times while riding my bike and it still work like new! How many will be DOA bricks? Will they survive the SOTA climbs? To be continued…

  3. Mario

    In the early 70’s ham radios from Japan entered the market so now China is doing the same. Nothing wrong with competition, and if their products are reliable, word will get around. HF + 6m coverage for $500 sounds like a good price. If they can make a good product for that price more power (pun intended) to them. Websites like with it’s voluminous array of reviews of products by end-users is the place to check for feedback.

  4. John

    It sure sounds like a joke.

    Wouxun itself has a rather poor reputation with its mobile transceivers (the KG-UV920R/950R line) so any suggestion they would be making a transceiver of this caliber is hilarious.

    1. kk6vgt

      To the point that the linked “Wouxun group” site has a big “Due to defects and other issues we no longer carry Woxun radios” banner on the front page, and “NOT MADE BY WOXUN” banners on the Anytone radios they sell.

  5. Moses on a trial bike

    This story has been doing the rounds elsewhere,clearly a fake.

    I think someone has been indulging in one too many poppy seeds 😉

    1. Wayne

      It is legitimate..The Xiegu X5105 really does exist, i have a preproduction X5105 in my shack, if i could post photos here i would….73 de Wayne 2e0bvj

      1. Thomas Post author

        Wayne: Shoot me some photos and any of your thoughts or comments about the radio (if you’re in a position to share) via my email address: thomas [at] the domain of this website.

  6. 13dka

    “3 rechargeable lithium batteries of 1.8 mAh each. ”

    I’m afraid at this capacity rating it won’t be good for more than a single CQ call in CW, then it needs recharging before you can hear any reply, or when you need to turn on the light to read the S-meter… 🙂

    1. 13dka

      Also…”3 lithium batteries of 18,650mph each”

      ….that’s not very fast, isn’t it? OTOH, that way you can grab them more easily when they pass by and put them in the TRX. 🙂

      1. 13dka

        Oh wait, that’s 18,650mph, not 18.650mph, that’s pretty uncomfortable, they will punch a hole in pretty much anything at that speed, including the Great Chinese Wall.

        I assume that all means they use 18650 Li-Ion cells, which would be good since I already have quite a few of them for my e-cigs, and Panasonic’s 3500mAh cells are quite cheap and should be great for the relatively low current demands of such a TRX. A friend of mine is quite happy with his tiny X1M TRX (which I think was the first Chinese made QRP TRX plug-and-play-kit) and I guess if the price is right I might be quite interested in buying an X5105.

  7. Tha Dood

    This looks like the next logical step for the Chinese. They’ve already flooded the market with cheap, fair quality, dual-band VHF / UHF HT’s for $40.00 each, as opposed to a few hundred $$$ for the big three out there. A cheaper version of the Elecraft KX3 and the Yaesu FT-817 would certainly be welcomed, if it performs well, and holds up to the portable environments. Even if you have no intentions of on-air QSO’s, this could also have an appeal for a mobile SW receiver. Compared to the multiple SW portables out there, they all far short in features like NB, adjustable AGC’s, direct 12VDC operation, etc. If cheap enough, I could see throwing one of these in the car, or truck, for SWL on the road, and with all mode. And the low power consumption means that I could be sitting parked, engine off, and not drain the battery, unlike my Icom IC-7000, which draws almost 2A just in RX. Yeah, I see some possibilities here for this new rig.

    1. Wayne

      Nope the Xiegu X5105 is real, google it and you will see i have a preproduction Xiegu X5105..Plus i have videos on you tube with it..

      73 de Wayne 2e0bvj


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