Reminder: Paul’s music show “The Classics Experience”

Paul Walker at KIYU Alaska.

Paul Walker at KIYU Alaska.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who sends this reminder about his music show on WBCQ, WRMI, and Channel 292 this Friday and Saturday:

“The Classics Experience”, 2 hours of oldies and a smattering of country airs this week.

Tune into WRMI 11580khz, 8pm to 10pm eastern Friday/0100 to 0300utc Saturday [CORRECTION: 0100 to 0300 UTC Friday, 8-10 pm EST Thursday]. 

I’ll be on WBCQ 5130khz AND 9330khz (YES, A SIMULCAST!) Friday 10:05pm to 12:005AM (0300 to 0500utc)

I’ll also be on Channel 292, 6070khz Friday from 2205 utc Friday to 0005 UTC Saturday ( 10pm to 12midnight UK time)

No political or religious rants and no personal opinion.. just music and stuff like that.

QSL Address:

Paul Walker
PO Box 353
Galena, AK 99741

with $2 US appreciated to cover costs of postage, envelopes and stamps. If I get enough response, I will likely get some REAL qsl cards printed rather then just send out letters (The place i get stuff printed at has a minimum of 25 or 50 cards, I forget which

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14 thoughts on “Reminder: Paul’s music show “The Classics Experience”

  1. Paul

    This schedule is actual?
    I heard only the end of the program on 6005 on Friday June 24.
    When there is the following broadcasting and at what frequencies?
    I will be glad to information from you.

  2. Walt

    Unfortunately, Paul had the day wrong for the first broadcast on 11580. It was actually on UTC Friday/local Thursday evening. I tuned in at 01:21. Reception was fair to good, but pretty much was unusable by 02:30 on the west coast. 11580 normally doesn’t propagate that well in my direction, but should have been well heard east of the Mississippi.

  3. MichaelxB

    I will tune in, I’m sure I will be able to hear it fine here in IL, USA. Also I will most likely send you a reception report for it. Cheers.

    1. MichaelxB

      I was correct, it came in just fine here in IL on 5130 khz.. It was a great program, really enjoyed the music selection! I’ll be sending a reception report your way soon Paul.

      Best regards.


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