Paul gives us a glimpse of KIYU Alaska


SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, is not only a shortwave listener, he’s also a broadcaster.

Paul works at community radio station KIYU in Galena, Alaska. At my request, Paul has kindly shared a few photos of his workplace with us.IMG_0077IMG_2797IMG_2799

Paul also sent this short video at the mic of KIYU:

Very cool, Paul! You certainly have a lot of translators to list in your station ID–no doubt, these are the many sites that serve your communities.

Thanks for sharing a little of your world at KIYU!

If you’d like to try hear Paul on the air, check out the KIYU home page.

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7 thoughts on “Paul gives us a glimpse of KIYU Alaska

  1. Walt

    Paul, you look like you fit into Galena just fine! I’m looking forward to hearing you live when the AM transmitter returns to the air!

  2. Bill Lee

    Where is Galena, AK?
    Galena is located at

    64°44?26?N 156°53?8?W (64.740643, -156.885462).[7]
    Galena is located on the north bank of the Yukon River, 45 mi (72 km) east of Nulato. The Innoko National Wildlife Refuge is southwest of Galena.
    Galena is inaccessible by road to other parts of Alaska. Residents rely on river cargo in the brief summer season for the bulk of its needs, and by air travel to access the outside world.

  3. DanH

    Like a blast from the past! I hope Paul doesn’t need to read all of the station, repeater and translator IDs more than once an hour. There might not be time for other programming. Cart machines? Hey, I get it. I worked on the air for public radio full time for 30 years. Run another fundraiser and go all digital. 😉

    1. Paul Walker

      I just read all those id’s because I’m a radio geek and want to fill time. When Charlie Tuna reads those id’s he does it without the frequencies mentioned and in 15 seconds!


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