Radio Öömrang

Icom-R-75This once-a-year broadcast could be an interesting challenge for folks on Sunday:

Radio Öömrang will broadcast on Feb.21, 2016 from 1600 to 1700 UTC on 15215 kHz in German, English and Frisian.

*(Caroline Mesnier via EuroRadio)*

Radio Oomrang broadcasts once in a year on shortwave in lower German language via facilities of Media Broadcast in Germany. Radio Oomrang announces as “The Free Voice of Frisian People from Amrum island in Germany”.

Station ID is in english.

About Oomrang :

— Posted by Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi in the Cumbre DX Yahoo Group

While I have not heard them before, I will definitely be trying to catch the broadcast this weekend, and I will have my recording gear ready! Let us know if you have a successful reception report to share!

Edit: I mistakenly listed Saturday at the top but the correct date is the one in the post, Sunday. Sorry!!

For verification card, contact [email protected]

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14 thoughts on “Radio Öömrang

  1. DanH

    I received my e-QSL from Radio Oomrang this morning! It shows two photos of the transmitter building and rotating antennas at Nauen, Germany.

  2. DanH

    I nearly forgot and slept in, but… r Radio Oomrang this morning: 35343 from 1600-1603 UTC. Sangean ATS-909X/long random wire. Here is video. I forgot to bring up the RF gain before :55 seconds into this 2:00 smart phone video.

  3. 13dka

    Glad you guys could hear it, I guess I’m right in the dead zone, can’t even see a hint of a carrier on the waterfall.

  4. Robert Gulley Post author

    Coming into N. KY very clearly – listening on LSB with S7 signals, peaking S9 on a Gap Titan Vertical/Kenwood 2000; also coming in clearly on my Sony 7600GR indoors with built-in whip.

  5. Curt White

    I picked it up in about 8 s units here In Fort Worth Texas on a 16 foot CB antenna with a Kenwood Ts140 no e broadcast.

  6. Chris

    Coming in loud and clear on the east coast of Canada (Nova Scotia) using a Grundig Satellite 750 and internal antenna. Very cool!

  7. J.D. Stephens

    “This once-a-year broadcast could be an interesting challenge for folks on Saturday”

    The date in the article, of Feb 21st, is on a Sunday. Is this broadcast on Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st? Thanx and 73

  8. 13dka

    Kind of funny that this is coming from my neck of the wood (the Media Broadcast transmitter is near Berlin tho) and I would’ve missed it if I wouldn’t read an American blog in English. 🙂 Great opportunity to use SDR#’s scheduler (so I really don’t miss it)!


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