Slight change to Paul’s Channel 292 broadcast

HalliDialSWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who hosts a radio show on WBCQ and Channel 292, writes:

My WBCQ broadcast has changed, slightly. It will be on 9330, still, but 5110 has moved to 5130 khz.

[Also] to avoid a collision with Vaitcan Radio on 6070 khz, which is on 2140-2200, my Channel 292 broadcast moves from its originally scheduled airtime of 2100-2300 UTC to 2205-0005 UTC.

Thanks for the update, Paul!

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1 thought on “Slight change to Paul’s Channel 292 broadcast

  1. Paul Walker

    Thanks for posting this

    I’m looking forward to the show… Curious as to what kind of response I get.

    If I get enough response, I can afford one hour a month on WBCQ.


    Paul Walker
    PO Box 353
    Galena, AK 99741


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