Paul schedules new shortwave broadcasts via WRMI, WBCQ and Channel 292


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul Walker, who writes:

I will be doing another broadcast on Shortwave and it’s going to be even bigger and better right now.

Tentatively, this is how the broadcast schedule times/frequencies work out to be:

  • WBCQ 5110khz and 9330khz Friday March 11th, 2016
    10pm to 12midnight Eastern (which is 0300 to 0500 UTC Saturday March 12th)
  • WRMI 11580khz Thursday March 10th, 2016 Thursday March 10th, 2016
    8pm to 10pm Eastern (which is 0100 to 0300utc on Friday March 11th)
  • Channel 292, 6070khz (Germany transmitter site) Friday March 110th, 2016
    10pm to 12midnight UK time (which is 5pm to 7pm eastern, not that Channel 292 can be heard in the US… just giving you a frame of reference)

I am in the process of booking all this time, so something could change in terms of times/dates between now and the broadcast dates.

I’ll be doing 2 hours of rock n roll and country music .. no commercials, no pleading for money, no asking for donations.. just me, playing the music I like.. because. well I want to and I can.

I’m paying for time on all 4 of these stations out of MY OWN POCKET, again for no reason, other then I want to.

So many complain about what radio lacks, wether am, fm or sw and lament about the old days or suggest what would work today.. but want it done with other people’s money.. they won’t put up and shut up. What I do won’t change radio or make much of a difference in the grand scheme of shortwave radio, but I can have fun and share my love of radio and music with others.

I am trying to secure an hour or two on a United Kingdom area AM station as well if it is affordable and I can find one to sell me time.

Writing to you from an apartment only 500 feet from the frozen Yukon river in Alaska’s interior region.

Excellent news, Paul! Please keep us informed as I’m happy to post any updates you may have. We’ll be listening!

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12 thoughts on “Paul schedules new shortwave broadcasts via WRMI, WBCQ and Channel 292

  1. Frank

    Thanks for the news, Paul and Thomas 🙂 via 6070 it should be an easy catch and a good and relaxed listen in Central Europe. I think I can also get the WBCQ 5110 here around that time (local 2 am), when I get out off bed in time and unfold the loop antenna 😉 love to hear rock´n´roll over sw!

  2. Broadwing


    I look forward to hearing your programs. I know from communicating with you in the past you have a true love of the radio medium and the SW hobby. I miss seeing your logs on line and your remarks about corrections.

    How about QSLs? Maybe the first 50 done in Reindeer Antlers? Lol. Take care up in the frozen North.

    1. Paul Walker

      Broadwing… Just don’t have the space to DX here and I’m dealing with some electrical noise so I have to DX away from home… Too cold to do that now….

      I’m sure you know who will be listening

      1. Cap

        Hi Paul….regarding the noise, why not try a mag loop? I have been using a homebrew passive mag loop for about four years now and have never looked back…..low noise floor compared to wire antennas and very directional.
        The only down side is you have to retune every 30kHz or so but you can buy mag loops with remote tuning capability…. Although I have not added this to my own loop yet, l plan to.

        1. Paul Walker

          Haven’t had the time.. and despite being in a rural location, i have 3 fm, one tv and soon to be one am transmitter.. above my head.

        2. Tom Servo

          I have a couple of loops. They don’t really do well with broadband noise, and I suspect that’s what Paul is dealing with in his RF nightmare scenario. I can null out *some* noise, but most of it is just amplified along with everything else.

          That said, I do love the loops I have, they really do work for compact installs.


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