WBCQ moving from 5,110 to 5,130 kHz

wbcq-logoSWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who hosts a radio show on WBCQ, received the following message from the station yesterday:

The FCC has just informed Allan Weiner that the military needs our 5110 frequency.

So your show on Friday 3/11 (10pm Eastern – midnight) will be broadcast on 9330 and 5130.

WBCQ has been announcing this change on the air. Many thanks to Mike, who shared this video of Allan Weiner making the announcement last night:

Click here to view on YouTube.

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1 thought on “WBCQ moving from 5,110 to 5,130 kHz

  1. Dane Eric; Gross, "Paradisian".

    ANNOUNCEMENT : The Hour Of The Time [‘HOTT’], formerly hosted by William Cooper until his untimely death by assassination right in front of his own home in Eagar, Arizona, on ‘November 5-6, 2001’, has RETURNED … with a new host, Dane Eric; Gross (“Paradisian”). The program is now called The Road To Paradise and The Hour Of The Time, and it can be heard and participated in, on 5.130 MHz non-sideband, regular A.M. shortwave, from 12 Midnight to 3 A.M., currently 7 days per week (to make up for 15 years+ of lost time). Call-In numbers during the program are : 603-819-4487, 207-370-9780, 406-545-5879, and 818-428-1493. Feel free to contact us during non-program hours also, if you wish to be on the program as a guest, or for more information. HOTT/TRTP is currently sponsored by the Church Of Paradise, the Samuel S. Weiner Memorial Foundation, and by HighZenBudd Medical Cannabis Caregivers.


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