New old stock (NOS) Grundig G3s available on eBay


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Steve Lebkuecher, who writes:

Hi Thomas

I was a little surprised to see a batch of new Grundig G3s selling for $79.99 on eBay. Given the quality issues with the G3 it may be a bit of a risk but what a great deal if you could get one that works. I have enjoy mine but ended up having to return the first one I bought due to issues with the sync.

Thanks for all you do, I always appreciate your website!


Click here to view on eBay.

Many thanks for the tip, Steve! You’re right, if this batch of new, un-opened radios is from the last production run of G3s, there could be inconsistency in quality control. The seller, hileydealshas a 99.6% positive rating and offers, “14 days money back or item exchange, buyer pays return shipping.”  So, if you purchase a G3 and feel it’s not performing up to spec, then you could return for a full refund within 14 days, but you’ll be out your return shipping.


The rubberized coating on the G3 is also prone to develop a sticky residue with time. We’ve posted a number of cleaning solutions–click here to read.

I’ve owned a total of three Grundig G3s over the years and have never been displeased with one. I may have simply been lucky. In fact, the G3 was my go-to travel portable for quite a few years. I gave two G3s away and still have one here in my collection. It’s a sensitive little radio and certainly worth the $79.99 price (if not one of the faulty units).

If you have any questions about this offer, and are considering biting the bullet, you should contact the seller prior to purchasing. It appears they have a number of units in stock. 

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6 thoughts on “New old stock (NOS) Grundig G3s available on eBay

  1. Erica cole

    My G3 was the first radio I had. Unfortunately I somehow broke the antenna and trying to fix it from the inside broke it further. Luckily the external antenna plug still works!

    1. Bod1

      I broke the antenna on mine too about 2 years ago. I emailed the company and they sent me a replacement antenna. I think it cost like 9 bucks shipped out of California..

  2. Bod1

    Ive used my G3 almost everyday for years and just last week finally broke down and ordered a Tecsun PL-660.. The buttons on my G3 are going haywire. When you press a button it performs the function of another button and stuff like that, but I think it is because I have dropped it off of my nightstand more times than I can count.. Other than that it is a pretty nice little radio and sounds great with headphones..


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