Recordings: Paul records Vanuatu and Solomon Islands from central Alaska


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following recordings of Radio Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands Broadcasting. Paul lives in Galena, Alaska, and records most of these broadcasts outside of his broadcasting studio:

7260 kHz:

5020 kHz:

5020 kHz:

3945 is much weaker then 7260 for some reason and Nikkei is on that channel till 0900 UTC, so about the only chance I have of hearing Vanuatu on 3945 CLEARLY is when Nikkei signs off.

9545 kHz Monday Night 1130 AKDT/(0730 utc Tuesday)

7260 from April 19th at 1135 AKDT /0735 UTC)

5020 from April 20th at 1248 am AKDT/0848 UTC

Thanks for sharing your recordings, Paul! You’ve certainly done a fine job DXing in the northern latitudes all while standing next to a broadcast station.

Keep up the great work!

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4 thoughts on “Recordings: Paul records Vanuatu and Solomon Islands from central Alaska

  1. DanH

    Congratulations, Paul. I’m still listening for Vanuatu, SIBC and NBC Papua New Guinea in northern CA. Some carriers but no cigar, yet. Solomon Islands used to come in strong for me back in the early to mid 1970s. They were running commercials back then. I still remember hearing a commercial for Guadalcanal Auto Parts.

    1. DanH

      I’m waxing nostalgic now, but I had a great set-up for a couple of years back in the ’70s. The receiver was a black WW2 Navy surplus Hammarlund RBG CHC-46140. (I still have it).

      I was a student living in an apartment on top of a two story, wood-framed apartment building. The attic access for that building was from the ceiling of the wardrobe closet. During a Christmas break I was probably the only occupant of the building. I snuck into the attic and installed a set of five switchable dipoles. I had a good 60′ of space to work with and the antennas were broadside to the southwest. This was quite a memorable listening post. When I moved out I cut the coax to the dipoles and used toothpaste and borrowed pieces of “cottage cheese” to fill the five holes in the ceiling. Those antennas are probably still there.

      1. Walt Salmaniw

        Dan, reminds me when I was stationed in Germany in the early 80’s. We lived in old French officer’s quarters. Basically, 4 story buildings with the upper floor/attic uninhabited. I put up some nice 60 m dipoles in that space, with a goal of hearing a lot of tropical band DX, which I did using my Kenwood R2000 receiver. Those were the glory days of dxing!

  2. Paul Walker

    Radio Vanuatu seems to run alot of talk/speec programming but SIBC runs a far amount of music. If SIBC had a better SW signal, ie bigger (50kw or 100kw) I’d probably listen to them on a regular basis.

    Sometimes Radio Rebelde on 5025 splatters over to 5020 so bad that the only way I can hear SIBC 5020 is reducing audio bandwith to 2.3khz and the splatter is still there.

    I am very thrilled to have logged 5020, 7260 and 9545! 9545 was a treat the other night as it was on 3 hours past scheduled sign off time… and 5020 wasnt on.. but 9545 suddenly signed off in mid sentence.


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