SDRplay announces acquisition of Studio 1 SDR software


28/April/2016, Wakefield UK:

SDRplay announces the acquisition of Studio 1 SDR software

SDRplay Limited has today announced that it has reached an agreement with Sandro Sfregola, (formerly CEO of SDR Applications S.a.s.) to acquire all Rights, Title and Interest in Studio 1 a leading software package for Software Defined Radio applications.

Jon Hudson, SDRplay Marketing Director said: “We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Sandro to acquire Studio 1. Studio 1 is the perfect complement to our SDR hardware products and gives us the ideal platform to deliver a complete class leading SDR solution for our customers. We look forward to working with Sandro and further developing Studio 1 to unlock the full capability of our current and future products”.

Hudson added: “Studio1 has established a strong customer base with users of many other SDR hardware products. Studio 1 will continue to be available as a stand-alone product from WoodBoxRadio for the foreseeable future , but we also look forward to further developing Studio 1 to specifically benefit present and future owners of our products”

Sandro Sfregola added: “I am very pleased to have reached this agreement with SDRplay. The long term future for SDR lies in complete end to end solutions and I feel the SDRplay RSP combined with Studio 1 software gives users an outstanding combination of performance and affordability”.

About Studio 1:

Studio1 was developed in Italy by SDR Applications S.a.s. and has hundreds of happy customers around the world.

Studio 1 is known for its user friendly stylish GUI, CPU efficiency and advanced DSP capabilities, including features not

available on other SDR software packages.

About SDRplay:

SDRplay limited is a UK company and consists of a small group of engineers with strong connections to the UK Wireless

semiconductor industry. SDRplay announced its first product, the RSP1 in August 2014

Email: [email protected]


My Comments:

Of course, I believe this is a very good move for SDRplay. Studio 1 is a very well-respected application and, though I’ve never tested it myself, I’m very impressed with it’s interface. I’ve also received many positive comments about Studio 1 from Perseus owners.

This will give SDRplay a great platform to have native SDR applications for their current and future products. I’m sure they’ll continue to support and develop Studio 1 for all of its supported receivers:

  • The Elad FDM-S1, FDM-S2
  • Microtelecom Perseus
  • RFspace SDR-IQ, SDR-14
  • SRL QS1R
  • Funcube Dongle

Click here to download the Studio 1 brochure (PDF) for more details.

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9 thoughts on “SDRplay announces acquisition of Studio 1 SDR software

  1. Ron


    Studio One is no longer sadly available to procure “new seats”. SDRUNO is being developed which is good but…. I don’t see any option to buy the product for people to use the app with other SDR units apart from the “free” EXTIO version that has limitations compared to the latest UNO version. I would love to see Studio One offered for a fair price as a stand alone supporting a range of devices not just the Play product range. Things Like the Winradio have a real legacy feel and range of issues interface for instance but are a very useful receiver range.

  2. Jonathon Pearce

    Brilliant news and will put SDRPlay in the driving seat v Airspy. I love Studio 1 but do hate the dongle (I only have a single USB so need a hub) so making it dongleless or making Studio 1 run if it recognises that a SDRPlay unit is attached would be great.

  3. Mike

    Looks like great software. But will it run under Linux? Prolly not.
    Also, I hope that SDRPlay dumps the dongle and opens the source code.

    Not holding my breath, though.

  4. Guy Atkins

    This is great news, Thomas, to the benefit of both SDRPlay and existing Studio 1 owners.

    Although it’s not mentioned on the Woodboxradio site, Studio 1 is also compatible with the Afedri SDR-Net receiver. It’s worked with that SDR for at least three years; the 2013 review of the SDR-Net on the site mentions it working fine with Studio 1.

    1. Mike

      Studio 1 has been compatible with any SDR that uses a EXT/IO. I’m not aware of Studio1 supporting the RFSPACE native protocol which the Afedri also uses for sending IQ via the network .

    2. Thomas Post author

      Guy: did you tell me once you’ve used Studio 1 with the FDM-S2 or Perseus? I love the GUI on Studio 1. Might have to take it for a spin!

      1. Guy Atkins

        Hi Thomas,

        Yes, I’ve used Studio 1 with the FDM-S2. It works great! I have the Afedri SDR-Net now (the S2 was sold to help fund another radio purchase) but I have yet to try the SDR-Net / Studio 1 combination.



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