Video: SDR Touch demo on Android device using SDRplay RSP

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(Source: SDRplay via YouTube)

Click here to view on YouTube.

This demonstrates turning an Android Tablet (or Android Phone) into a highly portable comms receiver or spectrum analyzer operating from Long Wave to Microwave (10kHz to 2GHz) – using SDR Touch and the SDRplay RSP

To be a beta tester simply go to and follow the instructions – the SDR Touch author welcomes feedback on – your chance to influence the way this amazing software can get better and better.

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4 thoughts on “Video: SDR Touch demo on Android device using SDRplay RSP

  1. DanH

    A very convincing demonstration. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. I’m considering giving this a go. I loved the chicken wire counterpoise!

  2. moofychops

    Wow, This is a superb demonstration of the SDR plus a ‘tablet’ that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for such a lovely explanation of how to get it all together. Certainly one to download and keep for reference.


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