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One of the benefits of being an inside exhibitor at the Dayton Hamvention is the ability to visit with vendors and exhibitors on Thursday, prior to all of the traffic that happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Elecraft’s booth is always epically busy during the Hamvention–and this year will be no exception, I’m sure. It was nice to visit and get one-on-one time with the KX2 with no crowds.Elecraft-KX2-6

Many thanks to the staff at Elecraft–especially David Shoaf–who gave me a quick tour of the KX2 and allowed me to take a few photos.

The KX2 is smaller than it even appears in most of the photos Elecraft has published. It’s roughly the size of the KX1, but somehow manages to fit the same backlit display of the KX3. They’ve done a pretty good job of designing this rig to accommodate a lot of features–but to be clear, it doesn’t have as many features of it’s “bigger” brother, the KX3.


Elecraft-KX2-3 Elecraft-KX2-4 Elecraft-KX2-5 Elecraft-KX2-7 Elecraft-KX2-8 Elecraft-KX2-9 Elecraft-KX2-10 Elecraft-KX2-11 Elecraft-KX2-12 Elecraft-KX2-13

The KX2 is actually much smaller than the KX3.

Elecraft-KX2-14 Elecraft-KX2-15

I am very tempted to purchase a KX2 for review, but may hold out for a few months. I would like to review it after my summer travels, though.

In truth, I love my KX3 and it serves me well: since I like the KX3 form-factor, it covers more bands than the KX2 and has a great general coverage receiver with AM mode for SWLing, I have no need for the KX2. The price point for a KX2 is a tough one, as well: after adding an internal ATU and paying taxes, you’re staring at $1,000 US.

Still: if you want almost all of the features of the KX3, yet something even more compact–something that can even be operated as a handheld!–the KX2 will serve you well. It’s certainly a clever piece of kit.

I will plan to review the KX2 later this year. Click here to download the Elecraft KX2 spec sheet.

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13 thoughts on “Photos of the new Elecraft KX2

    1. Wayne B

      Hi Erik,
      You can use USB or LSB to copy AM on the KX2. This actually works really well; you can choose the sideband that has lower QRM, and widen the AF passband out as far as 4 kHz (equivalent to an 8-kHz AM filter).

      I may also add AM to the firmware in the future.

      Wayne, N6KR

      1. Erik Tkal

        Thanks Wayne, I guess I’ve really only done AM listening on AM mode – my Sony SW7600 does have SSB but I’ve only used that recently to double check Ham reception.

        I have the KX3 (only for a couple of months now) and really love it; have no intention of adding a KX2 at this time, though it is impressive. I’ve only had my Amateur license(s) for just under 2 years and already have too much stuff… 🙂

        73, Erik W1QED

        1. Thomas Post author


          This should have been covered in your amateur exam prep, but I’ll repeat just in case you missed it: “When it comes to radio, there’s no such thing as too much stuff!” 🙂

          Ha! I just did an NPOTA activation with my KX3 today. Great little machine!


  1. Rick Pau

    I just can’t get enthused over these radios. If I bought one, I would be afraid to take it out of the house. My old MFJ 9040 is still going strong and I have a reasonable shot of fixing it if needed. Its a great radio I’m sure just not for me.

  2. Gordon

    Picked up one today at Dayton. Not much use yet, or comments. Wish the main tuning knob was better quality. But for the dollars and something this small with an internal tuner and all day battery, I couldn’t pass it up.

    Cheers, Gordon VK3TEN

  3. Ken Hansen n2vip

    Are there plans to sell them off the floor (walk away with one), or will they be Taking orders?

    I don’t need one, but I am planning on selling my first-gen ft-817, leavings ‘hole’ in my collection…

  4. Cap

    That answers my question….no IQ out…..unless ACC port supplies this….still want one though.

    Elecraft raises the bar….again.
    I wish the UK had a company like Elecraft.


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