Ivan notes a used JRC NRD-525

The Japan Radio Company NRD 525 receiver. Photo: Universal Radio

The Japan Radio Company NRD 525 receiver. Photo: Universal Radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ivan, who writes:

[U]niversal radio has a used NRD 525 for $699.

If I had the time to use it I would have picked it up already. These are so hard to come by and represent the best of the shortwave listening era.

I’ve never owned a JRC NRD-525, but I’ve heard good comments about the radio and its performance. The NRD-525 can be found in Universal Radio’s Used Radio List. No photo of the actual unit has been provided, but the condition is listed as “good.” Universal Radio is a trustworthy retailer, so used equipment can be purchase with confidence. Indeed, all of their used equipment (save items marked “as-is”) come with a 60 day limited warranty.

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2 thoughts on “Ivan notes a used JRC NRD-525

  1. DL4NO

    A few years back I got a JRC NRD-525 on eBay – quite a bit cheaper than the quote here. I liked to play with it despite all my ham radio gear.

    I the meantime I have got hooked to spectrum displays and other goodies of my SDRplay. A few weeks ago my JRC NRD-525 went to the cupboard in my shack because of space restrictions.


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