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JRC announces end of factory repairs for NRD-545 series

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Scott Gamble (W5BSG), who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I read this on one of the Japanese blogs I follow. It is a company release from JRC announcing the end of factory repairs for the NRD-545 series receivers on December 15, 2017. The announcement is in Japanese, so you need to use your favorite translation engine to read it, but apparently this was originally announced April 9, 2012! That’s quite a notice period.

Here is a link to the announcement. If anyone wants to take advantage of factory repairs the window is closing soon, especially considering shipment to Japan.



Thanks, Scott! There are a lot of NRD-545 owners out there. The good news is that there are many other repair services that can still work on the 545 (and other JRC models). Indeed, I’m sure my buddy, Vlado, has worked on the 545. Of course, the problem with radios like the 545, which are no longer in production, is that some parts are no longer produced and have no replacements on the market. As long as your repair doesn’t require a discontinued part, you’ll be in good shape!

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Ivan notes a used JRC NRD-525

The Japan Radio Company NRD 525 receiver. Photo: Universal Radio

The Japan Radio Company NRD 525 receiver. Photo: Universal Radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ivan, who writes:

[U]niversal radio has a used NRD 525 for $699.

If I had the time to use it I would have picked it up already. These are so hard to come by and represent the best of the shortwave listening era.

I’ve never owned a JRC NRD-525, but I’ve heard good comments about the radio and its performance. The NRD-525 can be found in Universal Radio’s Used Radio List. No photo of the actual unit has been provided, but the condition is listed as “good.” Universal Radio is a trustworthy retailer, so used equipment can be purchase with confidence. Indeed, all of their used equipment (save items marked “as-is”) come with a 60 day limited warranty.

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