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Hans discovers a JRC NRD-630 on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Hans de Zeeuw (MM6HDZ), who writes:

Hi, Thomas here’s a message from bonny Scotland:

Yesterday I found at eBay a JRC NRD-630 receiver for auction. The receiver is located in London, UK and the seller ships worldwide:

Click here to view on eBay.

An opportunity for people who are looking for this very rare receiver.

This is just the sort of receiver Dan Robinson could have in his collection!  Looks like the NRD-630 might fetch a hefty price at auction, but I wonder if it’ll exceed the original price (which I’m sure was also hefty!)?

Thanks, Hans.

Any Post readers own the JRC NRD-630? Please comment!

The Japan Radio Company NRD-383 SDR carries a hefty price tag

JRC-NRD-383Many thanks to Dave Zantow (N9EWO) who relays this info regarding the new NRD-383 via Takahito Akabayashi:

[The JRC] NRD-383 is sold by “Defense Systems Sale Division” of JRC, so this SDR receiver is especially for military use.

The price is more than $50,000 [each].

Recent JRC products [have] nothing to do with amateurs.

Takahito Akabayashi
Tokyo, Japan

OK, I think I can safely remove the NRD-383 from my wish list. At $50,000 each, this is indeed a receiver intended for government and commercial use.

Japan Radio Company (JRC) announces a new SDR receiver: the NRD-383


Dave Zantow (N9EWO) writes:

Sungchul Cho informs us that JRC has listed a new HF SDR Receiver on the web site. The new NRD-383 is a direct sampling, 2 channel with digital IQ data output with width up to 10 MHz each. Frequency coverage from 100 kHz to 32 MHz. Third-order intercept point + 23 dBm (typ), Second order intercept point + 80 dBm (typ). Not much information at this time , more when I have it .

See the PDF Brochure here : http://www.jrc.co.jp/jp/company/html/review65/pdf/JRCreview65_15.pdf

Many thanks, Dave!  It’s exciting to see that JRC could manufacture a receiver once again; their products, in the past, have been world-class. If history is an indicator, I imagine the NRD-383 will not be an inexpensive rig; still, JRC equipment is often worth the price.