C.Crane CCRadio-SW and CCRadio-SWP discontinued


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Marla, who writes:

Perhaps you already know that the Crane CCRadio-SW has been discontinued. I spoke with their customer service today and learned that they can no longer get parts, so the SW is not repairable. Neither Crane nor Amazon has any.


The C.Crane CC-Radio SWP

Thank you, Marla! I was not aware of this.

After looking at the C.Crane website, it appears both the CCRadio-SW and CCRadio-SW Pocket have been discontinued.

Both of these radios have enjoyed a very long market life.

The CC Skywave is essentially an upgraded replacement for the CC-Radio SWP.

I am very curious if C.Crane plans to replace the CC-Radio SW with another large shortwave portable. I’ll contact C.Crane and see if they can share more information.

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6 thoughts on “C.Crane CCRadio-SW and CCRadio-SWP discontinued

  1. Mack Mathis

    I wish the CCRadio EP had dual conversion. I live in an area with
    many am stations and I MUST have a radio with superior selectivity.
    The EP has great reception in general, but its selectivity is not good
    enough for my needs. It has single conversion. I bought a used GE
    SuperRadion 2 off of EBay and it has Dual Conversion and has
    enough Selectivity to do what I need an AM radio to do in my area.
    I wouldn still purchase an EP if they just added this capability.

  2. George Pfeifer

    Under the circumstances, I feel fortunate to own couple of the C.Crane CCRadio-SW radios.
    I had no issues with my units and would rate them higher than the GROUNDIG S450DLX for example.
    I do have the recommended replacement, C. Crane Skywave AM FM NOAA Shortwave Weather and AirBand Radio (SKWV), on order and will do a comparison.

    Actually, I would even rate the C.Crane CCRadio-SW radio above the C. Crane CCRadio-plus in the AM/FM band areas.

    For those not interested in SW, I would strongly recommend the C. Crane CCRadio-EP AM/FM Portable Radio (CEP).
    This one supersedes the old standard “GE/RCA Superadio III” by far!

    I wish the CCRadio-EP had a few more features as:
    • Line-Out
    • External speaker jack (so you can listen to stereo without the use of the earphones)
    • External speaker jacks, to replace the internal speaker with larger/better pair (for non-portable application, naturally)
    • Signal strength meter would be nice

  3. Mike Mc Manus

    I had a clone of the CC Radio and it was a good radio. Very good for AM- medium wave stations even in the daytime. I gave it to friends of mine and they still use it after eight years every day without a problem
    I also had a CCrane Radio2 that had a microprocessor die on it while it was still under warranty. I had it repaired and just paid for shipping.

  4. Jeff

    I hope that the new model includes SSB /CW capabilities. With the demise of SW broadcasting, it is difficult to justify purchasing a short wave receiver that lacks these features.

  5. Guy Atkins

    Thomas, a good friend of mine has been in frequent contact with C. Crane this summer. He’s returned three or four new CCRadio-SW models, searching for one that was accurately aligned. He finally gave up and asked for a refund, as they couldn’t assure him of a properly performing unit. The nugget here is that they told him there is a new model in the planning stages, as they have had major QC issues over the years with the CCRadio-SW.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks for this info, Guy. I look forward to seeing what they have in the works next. The CCRadio-SW was quite popular among those who wanted robust built-in audio, simple controls and overall good shortwave RX characteristics. It was quite a decent radio for MW too.



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