Arvin Model 68R05: John’s 1967 transistor radio


Many thanks to John Harper (AE5X) who shares the following in reply to our post about transistor radios:

Attached is a pic of a like-new transistor radio from 1967 [see above].

Remember the days when they bragged about how many transistors a gadget contained?! Sort of like bragging about RAM or clock speed today I guess.

That’s a cute little Arvin radio, John!

You’re right, too–radio manufacturers used to boast transistor compliment like nothing else. Crosley, Zenith and RCA did the same thing–boasting tube/valve numbers–in their 1930s consoles as well. Thanks for sharing the photo of your pocket radio!

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2 thoughts on “Arvin Model 68R05: John’s 1967 transistor radio

  1. Mario

    Yep I remember the days when radios had the number of transistors on the radio. I had a two-transistor and was ashamed to show my friends hee hee. The protective cases that came with some of these radios were usually termed “leatherette.”

    Nice picture of a typical radio of the time.


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